Graduate Council Minutes

East Tennessee State University
September 26, 2005 1:15pm
President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall

Attending: Scott Champney; Wesley Brown, Phi; Scheuerman, Emily Redd, Cecelia McIntosh, Don Hoover, Wallace Dixon, Helene Halvorson, Robert Sawyer, Jasmine Renner, Martha Pointer, Tiffany Houston, Marcus Bragg, Paul Trogen, Creg Bishop, Cynthia Taylor, Kurt Maier, Marie Tedesco, Mark Ellis.

A. Introduction of New Members

1. Dr. Phil Pfeiffer,

2. Dr. Jasmine Renner,

3. Ms. Tiffany Houston, Graduate Student Representative

4. Mr. Marcus Bragg, Graduate Student Representative

  1. Approval of Minutes – June 13, 2005 minutes were approved with one correction. Helene Halvorson was added as attending.
  1. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Dr. Martha Pointer
    1. Doctor of Public Health in Community Health Sciences

The Doctor of Public Health is a 48-hour doctoral program practitioner’s degree.

Action Taken by Council: Approved.

    1. 16 New Core Courses:

PUBH 6410: Epidemiological Methods for Community Health

PUBH 6150: Evaluation Methods in Community Health Programs and Services

PUBH 6100: Environmental Concerns in Community Health

PUBH 6130: Community Health Strategic Leadership and Policy Development

PUBH 6110: Health Behavior in Community Health

PUBH 6950: Applied Research in Community Health

PUBH 6850: Doctor of Public Health Practicum

PUBH 6960: Doctor of Public Health Dissertation

PUBH 6120: Ethics in Public Health Practice

PUBH 6140: Empowering Communities for Health Action

PUBH 6160: Ecological and Systems Approaches to Community Health

PUBH 6170: Economic Evaluation Methods for Community Health

PUBH 6377: Theory and Practice of Health Communications

PUBH 6200: Human Biology for Public Health Practitioners

PUBH 6420: Outcomes Assessment

PUBH 6430: Surveillance Methods

Action Taken by Council: Approved with noted changes.

    1. Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences

The purpose of the Environmental Health Sciences Ph.D. Program is to promote the environmental health sciences, and identify, prevent, and manage disease and injury. This purpose will be fulfilled through dedication to higher (doctoral level) education and training, distinction in research, innovation in policy development, and improvement of health strategies.

Action Taken by Council: Approved.

    1. Five new core courses:

ENVH 6900: Research Group Rotations

ENVH 6910: Experimental Design

ENVH 6920: Doctoral Seminar

ENVH 6957: Special Topics in Environments Health Sciences

ENVH 6960: Doctoral Research and Dissertation

ENVH 6990: Doctoral Readings and Research

Action Taken by Council: Approved with noted changes.

D. Graduate Faculty Committee

1. New Applicants for Graduate Faculty Status

Name Current Recommended

Anderson, Judith New Associate

Cajka, Karen New Associate

Cronin, Patrick New Associate

Desmond, Kimberly New Associate

Ellwanger, Steve New Associate

Franklin, Kathy New Full

Han, Zhihua New Associate

Hutson, Sadie New Associate

Lampley, Jim New Associate

Leigh-Paffenroth, Elizabeth New Associate

Mwinyelle, Jerome New Interim

Noe, Colleen New Associate

Razskazovskiy, Yuriy New Full

Smith, Sherri New Full

Spritzer, Allan New Associate

Stone, Michael New Full

Teague, Travis New Associate

Wilson, Richard New Full

Yin, Deling New Full

Action Taken by Council: Approved.

2. Re-applications for Graduate Faculty Status

Name Current Recommended

Blanton, Wm. Hugh Associate Associate

Broderick, Jane Interim Associate

Duffourc, Michelle Associate Associate

Ellis, Jon Full Full

Felker, Lon Full Associate

Glen, Loyd Lee Full Full

Joyner, William Full Associate

Koterbay, Scott Associate Associate

McConnell, Peggy Interim Interim

McIntosh, Cecilia Full Full

McKee, Thomas Full Full

Stone, William Full Full

Watson, Elwood Full Full

Wilson, Susan Temporary Associate

Yasin, Mahmoud Full Full

Action Taken by Council: Approved.

E. Other Business

  1. OIT is working on a new CPS that hopes to solve some of the problems experienced with the current system.
  2. An announcement of the ongoing discussion and possible proposal of an alternate thesis dissertation format was given by Dr. Cecelia McIntosh. This topic is to be continued at the next graduate council meeting.
  3. A committee was formed to handle the application for a Graduate Student Research Grant Program to be funded by the Graduate School. Those committee members include: Cecelia McIntosh, Wallace Dixon, Robert Sawyer, Marcus Bragg, Tiffany Houston and Phil Pfeiffer.
  4. New Chairman election to be held at next Graduate Council Meeting

Action Taken by Council: Approved.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m. - Scott Champney, Chair