Graduate Council – Minutes

East Tennessee State University

February 25, 2008 1:15pm

President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall


Attendees: Dr. David A. Arnall, Dr. Jeffrey P. Beck, Ms. Queen Brown, Dr. Stacy Brown, Dr. Scott W. Champney, Dr. Wallace E. Dixon, Dr. F. Wayne Gillespie, Dr. Helene K. Halvorson, Dr. Donald B. Hoover, Ms. LaDonna Hutchinson, Ms. Billie Lancaster, Dr. Cecilia A. McIntosh, Dr. Martha M. Pointer, Ms. Jenny Reed, Dr. Robert E. Sawyer, Dr. Phillip R. Scheurman, Dr. Marie Tedesco, Dr. Paul Trogen

Absent: Ms. Maria D. Costa, Dr. Mark E. Ellis, Dr. Jo-Ann S. Marrs, Dr. Jasmine Renner, Ms. Chantelle Vernon, Ms. Mary Ellen Musick




The introduction of the new rubric ARTH for the Art History concentration in the Master of Arts, the curriculum needs to reflect the new research methods course and the new thesis course for the concentration. The subcommittee recommends approval with the editorial changes


Action taken by council: approved with recommended changes


The new course will meet the research methods needs of the students who have a concentration in Art History. The subcommittee recommends approval with the editorial changes


Action taken by council: approved with recommended changes


The new course is part of the curriculum change addressed last month, and the course is to be taken concurrently with CUAI 5580, Enhanced Student Teaching. The subcommittee recommends approval with the editorial changes


Action taken by council: approved with recommended changes



The graduate faculty subcommittee met on Feb. 5, 2008 and recommends approval of the following new applications for graduate faculty status:


Applicant Dept. Recommended

1. Dyer, Susan English Interim

2. Gregg, Chris E. Geosciences Full

3. Hagelberg, Frank Physics, Astron. & Geology Full

4. Hale, Kimberly D. Early Childhood Associate

5. Morefield, John English Interim


Action taken by council: Approved

The graduate faculty subcommittee met on Feb 5, 2008 and recommends approval of the following re-applications for graduate faculty status:

Applicant Dept. Current Status Recommended

1. Al-Imad, Leila History Associate returned for more information

2. Davis, Thomas Jason KLSS Associate Associate

3. Fethke, Nathan ENVH Temporary Associate

4. Grissett, Barbara Social Work Associate Associate

5. Green, Joe Keith Philosophy Associate Full

6. Mink, Patricia Art & Design Associate Full

7. Pyles, Rebecca BIOL Associate Full

8. Renner, Jasmine ELPA Associate Full

9. Slatton, Ralph Art & Design Full Full

10. Stanley, Isabel English Associate Associate


Please note that two applications (William Hemphill and Marty Fitzgerald), both from Technology and Geomatics, have been returned to the department chair for graduate coordinator’s signature and for additional information.

Action taken by council: Approved


 Dr. Gillespie previously e-mailed the list of Research Grant Awardees and also handed out a paper copy. A record number of proposals were received and Dean McIntosh had funded sixteen.


ETSU School of Graduate Studies and ETSU Graduate Council Research Grant Recipients, 2008

Student Name

Degree Program


Chase Beck

Biology; Paleobotany

Fossil analysis on the Cumberland Plateau; Dr. Mike Zavada

Grant Boardman

Biology; Paleontology

Characterizing vertebral variation in mole salamanders; Dr. Blaine Shubert

Keila Bredehoeft

Biology; Paleontology

Landmark and linear morphometrics of the Pleistocene, Cryptobranchus guildayi;

Dr. Blaine Shubert

Patricia Cross

Biology; Microbiology

Expression of the Ca 2+ -selective cation channels TRPV5 and TRPV6 in human

breast cancer; Dr. Allan Forsman

Jala Daniel

Biomed; Physiology

Determining secondary product glucosyltransfearase expression during Citrus

paradisi growth and development; Dr. Cecilia McIntosh

Alexander Eddo


Characterization of the pathways leading to synthesis of salicylic acid in plants

resisting pathogen infection; Dr. Dhirendra Kumar

Puja Karki


Cloning and identifying the diapause-regulated candidate genes of the flesh fly,

Sarcophaga crassipalpis ; Dr. Karl Joplin

Abigail Mabe

Biomed; Pharmacology

Diabetes-induced parasympathetic remodeling mediates chronotropic dysfunction;

Dr. Donald Hoover

Tammy Mercure

Art & Design; Studio Arts

The Blue Ridge: Photographs of Appalachian Tourism; Mike Smith

Heather Sharp

Engineering Technology

Examining critical health inspection violations; Dr. Andrew Clark

Rebecca Steagall

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

HSPA12B interacts with and down-regulates AKAP12, an angiogenesis inhibitor;

Dr. Zhihua Han

Jeremy Stout

Biology; Paleontology

Cranial Morphology and Systematics of Late Pliocene Alligator from the Haile 7G

Site of Florida; Dr. Blaine Shubert

Tess Svoboda

Clinical Nutrition

Use of omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in Hispanic

type 2 diabetes in Northeast Tennessee; Elizabeth Lowe

Jing Ru Sun

Biomed; Microbiology

The host adherens junction molecule nectin-1 is down-regulated in Chlamydia

trachomatis -infected genital epithelial cells; Dr. Robert Schoborg

Liang Wang

Public Health; Epidemiology

An epidemiological study of maternal depression in East Tennessee; Dr. Tiejian Wu

Stacie Woolard

Biomed; Microbiology

In vivo projects implicating TRAIL-mediated NK cell antigen presentation in Herpes

Simplex viral infection; Dr. Uday Kumaraguru




 Dr. Gillespie is in the process of forming a subcommittee to evaluate the new Excellence in Teaching Award and handed out a sign-up sheet for volunteers.


Deadline for submission of nominations is March 15. Dr. Gillespie asked for volunteers to chair the selection committees and a sign-up sheet was circulated.


The graduate council members discussed the criteria for appointment and reappointment of graduate faculty. The ETSU guidelines for graduate faculty appointment were handed out to the council members for review. The temporary and interim criteria are not an issue. The criteria and title of the associate and full categories were discussed. Each council member weighed in with questions and responses to the questions regarding these criteria. After much discussion, it was decided to allow the ad hoc committee to continue gathering information and to place this on the agenda for a meeting in the near future.


 A general discussion was held on pros and cons of commercial application services used by professional programs (e.g., M.D., Pharm.D) and potential use by some graduate programs. Discussion of issues such as cost, work flow, satisfaction of SACS requirements on documentation, and other mechanistic questions. Dr. Arnall and Dr. Dixon were going to try to get more information on options. Dr. McIntosh suggested the graduate dean listserv option may be useful. Further discussion will take place as information becomes available.


No other council business was discussed.