Student Hold Resolution Information

Note: Not all holds prevent registration or grades.  Please contact the appropriate office to resolve ANY holds you have to keep your account current.

Immunization Restrictions must be resolved through University Health Center.

You can also make a payment online through GoldLink.

Select Your Hold Description:

Contact Office/General Hold Type Phone (423) Location Email
Undergraduate Admissions 439-4213 106 Burgin Dossett Hall
Financial Services/Bursar/Parking Fines 439-4212 202 Burgin Dossett Hall
University Health Center 439-4225 160 Roy Nicks Hall
University Advisement Center (Learning Support Program Hold) 439-5244 355 Sherrod Library
Graduate Studies 439-4221 309-B Burgin Dossett Hall
Housing 439-4446 108 Burgin Dossett Hall
International Programs 439-7737 122 Yoakley Hall
Library (Reference Desk) 439-4307 Sherrod Library Please Call
Registrar (see hold description) 439-4230 101 Burgin Dossett Hall
Student Affairs 439-4210 302 Burgin Dossett Hall
Athletics 439-4618 or 439-6439 ETSU MSHA Athletic Center Room W 248
Advisement Holds **Holds will be Released During Your Advisement Appointment**
Undergraduate Advisement Hold Please Contact Your Undergraduate Advisor. You can find your advisor by following this link: Advisor Contact List