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Life can be tough sometimes.

You don't have to handle it alone. Family Focused Solutions can help!

Family Focused Solutions has counselors who care about you.  They can help you handle problems at home, work, or school.  They will not tell anyone about your private business, unless you say it's okay.  The Department of Human Services can send you to Family Focused Solutions and pay them to help you.

If you need Family Focused Solutions for yourself or your children, tell your Human Services worker.  You DON'T have to say why you need Family Focused Solutions.

Family Focused Solutions can help with problems like:

Being stressed out, upset, or mad much of the time;

Having a lot of trouble getting along with other people;

You or your children are being hurt by someone you love;

Having a hard time learning or keeping up in your classes;

Drinking too much or using drugs;

Having problems with your children;

Children being sick so much that you can't work or go to school.

A Family Focused Solutions Counselor will:

Talk to you about what you are going through and what help you need;

Find programs that will help you;

Help you change your Families First plan to make it work better for you;

Work with you while you are getting help from other programs.

Family Focused Solutions can be part of your

Families First Personal Responsibility Plan.

You can get Family Focused Solutions assistance if:

You are getting Families First payments for yourself; or

Your Families First payments stopped less than a year ago.

What if your Families First payments stopped more than a year ago?

We may still be able to tell you where to get help with these problems.


If you are working, don't quit your job without a good reason, even if you are getting assistance from Family Focused Solutions.  The Department of Human Services may have to stop your Families First cash payment for three (3) months if you quit.

 For more information contact:
Kristen Green at (423) 232-5732 or e-mail.
Jennifer Thompson at (865) 640-0574 or e-mail.

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