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Research Development Committee

Research and Sponsored Programs

RDC Major Grants Program Final Report Submission

Recipients are asked to acknowledge RDC funding in any publications or presentations with this statement:

          This work was funded (in part) by a grant from the East Tennessee State University
          Research Development Committee Major Grants Program.

Each recipient of an award must report to the Committee upon completion of the project or the grant period as to the final expenditure of funds, the results of the research, and proposed or resulting publications. The report must be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs no later than 90 days after the termination date of the grant. No person shall be eligible for consideration for a Research Development Committee award unless final reports from previously funded projects have been filed and approved by the Committee.


1)  Create your report in word processing software such as MS Word using the guidelines listed below for the content of your report);


  Guidelines for the Content of Your Report
  Your report's filename should contain your last name followed by first initial and RDC.  For example, John Smith's final report submission should be named: smithjRDC.docx. Uploaded filenames should not contain spaces.

The following information should be included within your report (feel free to copy & paste the items below into your Word document):

  1. Your name
  2. RDC Grant Number
  3. Grant Title
  4. Amount Awarded
  5. Are you completing this report for the first time? (answer Yes or No)
  6. Did you work on the research project during the past year of funding? (answer Yes or No)
  7. If you answered "Yes" to question #6, briefly describe the research by addressing the following:
    a.  Please state the purpose, design and stage of the research.
    b.  Describe progress with the research during the year of funding (If you have changed the original purpose, problem, design, etc., during the year of funding, please include an explanation.)
  8. If you answered "No" to question #6, please provide a reason for why you did not work on the research project during the funding cycle. Please note that if you did not use the funds or do not complete this report, you may become ineligible to receive any future funding from the RDC committee.

2)  Attach your report to an e-mail message;

3) In the body of this e-mail, answer the following questions (feel free copy & paste the items below into your e-mail message):

  1. PI Name: 
  2. College: 
  3. Department: 
  4. Rank (ex: Full Professor, Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., Adjunct Prof., Research Prof., Other-please specify): 
  5. Co-PI (if any): 
  6. Grant Title: 
  7. RDC Grant Number: 
  8. Type of Grant Award (ex: Research, Publication, Travel): 
  9. Amount Awarded: 
  10. Did your award result in any of the following (Y/N):

               Publication of book -

               Publication in peer-reviewed journal -

               Publication in a non-peer-reviewed journal -

               Presentation/performance (poster or oral) at a conference -

               Presentation/performance (poster or oral) at other venue -

               Preliminary data collected for an grant proposal -

               Grant proposal submitted to an external sponsor -

               Patent -

               Creative product or artistic creation -

               Other (please specify) -

4)  Send the e-mail message (with the report attached) to   

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