Roan Selection Criteria*


To be selected as a Roan Scholar, you must demonstrate:

Character. Compassion, Determination, Generosity, Humility, Integrity, Maturity, Moral Courage, Responsibility – characteristics that form the foundation of the Roan culture.

Intellectual Curiosity. Leaders are learners and, while Roan Scholars tend to excel in the classroom, we're primarily seeking those students for whom learning is an essential part of their being, and knowledge more than grades or test scores; students committed to self-development and interested in expanding their world.

Physical Vigor.** A demonstrated commitment to an active lifestyle; a dedication to fitness and regular physical activity. Tenacity matters as much as (or more than) ability in this area; individual endeavors are considered just as much as team sports.

Leadership. It's about more than titles or the number of activities; it's about excellence and impact. Roan Scholars set the example, daily. They initiate. They inspire. They influence and encourage. Above all, they impact, making a positive difference for those around them.


* Roan Scholars are chosen solely on merit; financial need is not a consideration in the selection process.

** Due consideration is given to nominees with physical limitations.