Become a Roan Scholar

Becoming a roan scholar

Who can be a Roan Scholar? A leader. A student who will leave big shoes to fill after graduation. Someone respected and admired by teachers and peers alike; the person others turn to when a difficult task must be accomplished. To be selected as a Roan Scholar, you must demonstrate: Character; Intellectual Curiosity; Physical Vigor*; and Leadership.

Who's eligible? High school seniors who are competitive applicants to East Tennessee State University (ETSU), on track to graduate in the spring, and attending high school in select counties in northeast TN, southwest VA, and western NC, are eligible to be nominated. High schools with 200 or more students in their junior class may nominate 2 students; other high schools may nominate 1 student.

How are Roan Scholars selected?** Nomination files will be available to eligible high schools in mid-August, with a nomination deadline in October. Nominees will participate in regional interviews during November, select students will be invited to campus for finalist interviews in January.  For a detailed selection process timeline, click here.


* Due consideration is given to nominees with physical limitations.
** Roan Scholars are chosen solely on merit; financial need is not a consideration in the selection process.