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2016-2017 Standing Committees

Elections Committee (oversees elections for Senate Officers and At-Large Executive Committee Members)

Susan Epps

Patrick Brown

Stephen Hendrix 

Executive Committee (Meets each Monday Full Senate doesn't Meet)

President-Susan Epps

Vice President-Bill Flora

Past President-Virginia Foley

Chief Operating Officer- Patrick Brown

Secretary-Eric Sellers

Treasurer-Melissa Shafer

TBR Faculty SubCouncil Rep-Bill Hemphill, Bill Flora (back-up)

Webmaster-Doug Burgess

At-large members:

Katherine "Christy" Hall

Anthony Masino 

Darshan Shah

Ex-officio members: Past presidents who are currently serving on the Senate

Faculty Concerns and Grievances (hears and makes recommendations regarding faculty concerns and grievances)

Doug Burgess, Chair

David Champouillon

Virginia Foley

Fred Mackara

Faculty Handbook Committee

Virginia Foley, Chair

Health Sciences Faculty Rep-Randy Byington

Health Sciences Faculty Rep- Candice Short

Academic Affairs Faculty Rep- David Champouillon

Academic Affairs Faculty Rep-Fred Alsop


Bill Kirkwood

Jane Jones

Darla Alford (support)


Committee on Committees (selects members to fill vacancies on University committees)

Virginia Foley, Chair

Leila Al-Imad

Dorothy Drinkard-Hawkshawe

Tavie Flanagan

Lorianne Mitchell



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