SGA Orientation Meeting

East Tennessee State University

Tuesday, September 15th

Virtual (Zoom)




     I.         Call to Order 4:03

   II.         Roll Call 22 of 24 present

 III.         Open Forum

                       a.         Phillip Anthony Smith & Ashley Sergiadis- Smith, representing the Center for Teaching Excellence, and Sergiadis, a digital scholarship librarian at Sherrod library, presented an initiative for free textbook, open education resources, use by ETSU faculty. This initiative benefits faculty, for the use or creation of OER’s, and students through textbook cost reduction.

 IV.         New Business

                       a.         Appointments- Gracie Carter, Logan O’Handley, and Bailey Norris for Senators of the College of Arts and Sciences.

                      b.         SSA-20-002- A bill to “to amend the Student Trustee selection process to give greater power, transparency and democratic sovereignty to the Student Government Association in the decision.” Assigned to Internal Affairs

   V.         Old Business

 VI.         TISL- EVP Manning promoted the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature for student involvement. For more information contact EVP Manning.

VII.         Executive Branch Remarks

                       a.         President- Not present.

                      b.         Executive Vice President- To avoid screen fatigue, the meeting limit of one hour and 15 minutes will be enforced. Any unfinished business will be discussed at the next meeting.

                       c.         Vice President for Finance and Administration

VIII.         Advisor Remarks

                       a.         Dr. Howard

IX.         Cabinet Remarks

                       a.         Secretary of State Knott- Sec. Knott is leading a committee for the selection of the ETSU student representative for the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. Gov. Lee will select one student later this year for THEC.

                      b.         Secretary of Allocations Smith- Two Seed applications, $350 each were submitted and approved by the Executive team. A total of $131,686.04 remain available for allocation.

   X.         Senate Remarks

XI.         Adjourn 5:10pm