Student Government Association

East Tennessee State University

Tuesday, September 29th

Virtual (Zoom)




     I.         Call to Order

   II.         Roll Call- 22 of 26 present

 III.         Open Forum

                       a.         President Noland

                                         I.         At ETSU, we have 17 positive cases of COVID19 and 33 in quarantine at time of meeting. Dr. Noland is holding focus groups regarding how students feel their classes are going. Although plans are not absolute, Spring semester is expected to be 80% online with 20% of courses on ground. A mental health team is forming in order to reach out and support students during COVID19. Details are not available at this time. In an update regarding September, Dr. Noland spoke to the racist flyers placed on cars around the ETSU campus and throughout the region. This was performed by 3 members of a white supremacist group who posed as media and held interviews at Slocomb galleries. The university is aware of their identity, but ETSU has chosen to not bring attention to their cause through publicity. Students in the ETSU Athletic Department are leading a march to support social change and justice. Sadly, traditional Fall Commencement will likely be replaced by a virtual commencement. Budget adjustments made in summer were successful, we should not need further adjustments unless something goes terribly wrong. ETSU looks to the Spring semester solid, balanced, and confident.

 IV.         New Business

                       a.         BucFund- $2,328.83 was requested. The Financial Affairs committee recommended $2,250.00. The recommendation for funding passed 7-0-0 in committee. This funding of $2,250 passed with a vote of 21-1-0.

   V.         Old Business

                       a.         SSA-20-002- Vote 21-1-0 Passed.

A second reading was waived by Senator Jordan, seconded by Senator Calhoun. This is a bill to change the process by which the student member of the Board of Trustees is selected. Committee remarks detailed their support. Discussion about this bill was positive. The Board of Trustees will retain the right to make the final selection. However, this bill allows the SGA more control over the initial selection process.

 VI.         Executive Branch Remarks

                       a.         President: A policy introduced by President Patel outlining pass/fail allowance for one class for each student’s Fall semester has passed at Academic Council.

                      b.         Executive Vice President: Students interested in TISL should contact EVP Manning. There will be no committee meeting next week, Oct. 6, 2020.

                       c.         Vice President for Finance and Administration: Senators were encouraged to write legislation.

VII.         Advisor Remarks

                       a.         Dr. Howard: There will be a unity march Sept. 30, 2020 at 4:00. The Martin Center is allowing tours for SGA members on Oct 9, 2020. Contact Dr. Howard for further information.

VIII.         Cabinet Remarks- Sec. of Allocations Smith- One application was submitted and approved for $2,250.00, leaving $109,983 for on campus use and $19,752 for off campus. There are many applications remaining in process to be heard at the next meeting.

IX.         Senate Remarks

   X.         Adjourn