SGA Orientation Meeting

East Tennessee State University

October 13, 2020

Virtual (Zoom)




     I.         Call to Order- 4:00

   II.         Roll Call- 21 of 23 present

 III.         Open Forum

                       a.         Trustee Ramsey presented an update from the Board of Trustees. Out of State tuition will be decreased. The internal audit plan for Fiscal Year 2021 was approved, and the Equity Inclusion and Strategic Action plan was updated. Appreciation was extended to David Goldman.

 IV.         New Business

                       a.         Appointments- Chloe Philpot to Senate

                      b.         SSR-20-006- EVP Manning presented “A resolution that condemns Milligan University for its abhorrent stance toward its handling of LGBT issues and calls on the University leadership to cut select partnerships including but not limited to athletics events and use of University monies that are paid to Milligan.” Sent to Academic Affairs.

   V.         Old Business

 VI.         Executive Branch Remarks

                       a.         President- Not present

                      b.         Executive Vice President- A thank you to the ETSU Junior Senate for their attention and attendance. The Junior Senate is invited to watch the remaining SGA Senate meetings.

                       c.         Vice President for Finance and Administration- No remarks.

VII.         Advisor Remarks

                       a.         Dr. Howard- Martin Center tours are available.

VIII.         Cabinet Remarks

                       a.         Secretary of Allocations Smith- Student organizations are encouraged to apply for BUC funding.

IX.         Senate Remarks

   X.         Adjourn 4:54