SGA Meeting

East Tennessee State University

October 27, 2020

Virtual (Zoom)




     I.         Call to Order: 4:00,

   II.         Roll Call: 4:00 22-24, 4:07 23-24: 4:38 22-24 Senator Vernon, point of personal privilege.

 III.         Open Forum

                       a.         Karen King-Help desk updated in Sherrod library 1st floor. Switch upgrades, outdoor Wi-Fi upgrade with 145 new outdoor access points. Students living in residence halls can register gaming devices to Wi-Fi. Eduroam available for guests. Varsity e-sports team is up and running.

                      b.         Secretary of State Designee Spring Connor McClelland- Sentiments on the controversial nature of SSR-20-006.

 IV.         New Business

                       a.         Appointments- postponed at President Patel’s request

                      b.         BucFund-

                                         I.         Street Medicine Interest Group: Senator Cartwright motioned to pull Street Medicine Interest Group to amend the committee recommended amount, $700,  to $1,000. Seconded by Senator Calhoun. Funding for $1,000.00 passed 22-0-0

                                       II.         EM/ERGE: Funding for the committee recommended amount, $730.00 passed 22-0-0

   V.         Old Business

                       a.         SSR-20-006: A summary of remarks:

                                         I.         President Patel: SGA must work together moving forward, regardless of the fate of this bill. Take a stand for what you believe in. The President supports this legislation.

                                       II.         EVP Manning: Opposition makes this political. Title 7 and 9 obligation protects sexual orientation. Do not be intimidated to voice your opinion. Buffs and Bucs can work together, but not without love, compassion, and respect for all.

                                    III.         Senator Kidd, Chair of Academic Affairs: Amendments regarding the language in the bill were presented. Milligan College was amended to Milligan University. Age and religion were added to qualifiers in Section 2. The amended legislation now “calls on the university to end all athletic scheduling, abandon pursuit of future academic agreements and terminate partnerships in which university monies would be paid to Milligan or other universities with such discriminatory policies and procedures, whether towards sexuality, gender identity, race, age, religion, disability status, or sex of an individual.”

                                     IV.         Senator Becker, Chair of Student Affairs: All committee members were in support of this resolution.

                                       V.         With a vote of 17-5-0, the resolution passes.

 VI.         Executive Branch Remarks

                       a.         President- Encouraged senators to speak to faculty for ideas regarding new legislation.

                      b.         Executive Vice President- SSR-20-006 will be presented to the ETSU administration.

                       c.         Vice President for Finance and Administration: Thank you to Caleb Anderson for his constitutional interpretation, the new committee working to update the constitution and standard operating procedures, and Scarlett Knott for leading the nomination committee for THEC student representative.

VII.         Advisor Remarks-

                       a.         Dr. Howard- 10 students are attending TISL, amongst them ETSU has a new court team.

VIII.         Cabinet Remarks-

                       a.         Secretary of Allocations Smith- $107,253 remains for on campus funding, and $19,752 is available for off campus funding.

                      b.         Chief of Staff Atkins- A review committee for constitution led by Chief Atkins, is looking for senator involvement.

IX.         Senate Remarks-

                       a.         Jordan- Encouraged students to join the constitutional review committee.

                      b.         Wheatley- Brought to the SGA’s attention that students need more information when it comes to legislation like SSR-20-006.

                                         I.         VPFA Ward- Encouraged use of the feedback box on the SGA website for questions, concerns, and comments.

   X.         Adjourn 5:38