SGA Meeting

East Tennessee State University

November 10th

Virtual (Zoom)




     I.         Call to Order 4:00

   II.         Roll Call 18/25, 4:15 19/25, 4:30 18/25

 III.         Open Forum

                       a.         Dr. Chris Keller- A review of the ETSU Honors College and its many facets. An office of Scholar Development is in development to help students become more competitive for national scholarships. New programs include the Changemaker Scholars program and Global Citizen Scholars. Twelve scholarships are set aside for diversity enhancement. The Midway Scholars program will now reward a smaller amount, but the program will be available for twice the number of transfer students.

 IV.         New Business

                       a.         Appointments- Marli Martin, Senator

                      b.         BucFund- Allied Health Student Association requested $1,200. The Financial Affairs committee recommended to award the full requested amount. 18-0-0 Passed for $1,200

   V.         Executive Branch Remarks

                       a.         President

                      b.         Executive Vice President

                       c.         Vice President for Finance and Administration

 VI.         Advisor Remarks

                       a.         Dr. Howard

VII.         Cabinet Remarks

                       a.         Secretary of Allocations Smith- There is a remaining $106,053 for on campus funds and $19,752 for off campus.

VIII.         Senate Remarks

IX.         Adjourn