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Staff Senate

East Tennessee State University

Standing Committees

Committee on Staff Concerns

The committee on Staff Concerns studies and reviews university policies including, but not restricted to, such things as: staff salaries and benefits and staff personnel policies including those related to appointments, promotion, and dismissal. The committee also acts as an appeals agency for senator terminations.

 Staff Concerns

Committee on Staff Senate Elections

The committee on Staff Senate Elections is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Formulating a standardized procedure for elections to the Senate;
  • Supervising the conduct of said elections;
  • Conducting the annual election of Staff Senate officers and of the elected members of the Executive Committee;
  • Ruling on the eligibility of nominees and voters;
  • Formulating a standardized procedure for receiving nominations for Senate and other offices.


Committee on Staff Development and Evaluation

The Committee on Staff Development and Evaluations is concerned with staff developmental activities such as training and evaluation. The committee assists in formulating workshops and training seminars as well as providing information about outside training programs.

Staff Development

Committee on Committees

Staff Senate Committee on Committees ETSU has a number of University Standing Committees which can be viewed at Staff members who serve on committees are appointed by the President to serve a three year term. Each year, vacancies occur and that is when the work begins for the Staff Senate Committee on Committees. It is the responsibility of the Staff Senate Committee on Committees to find representatives to fill vacancies on the various University Standing Committees at the end of each academic year. Each spring, a representative from the Office of the President sends the Chair of the Committee on Committees a list of vacancies to be filled by the Committee on Committees.

Committee on Committees

Communications and Website Committee

The committee shall be charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the Staff Senate website with current activities, updated rosters, and current photographs;
  • Utilizing various means of communication (campus mail, Accent - the campus newsletter, University Relations staff, etc.) to inform the campus and local communities of Staff Senate activities, elections, and other appropriate news items concerning the Senate;
  • The chair of this committee shall be listed as the web manager for the Staff Senate's website and shall serve as the primary point of contact for those interested in the Senate's activities.


Community Benevolence Committee (CBC)

The Staff Senate Community Benevolence Committee (CBC) is responsible for coordinating and promoting the annual Holiday Drive. The committee coordinates with the faculty, students and staff to help gather food and monetary donations to be used during the holidays. The committee volunteers organize and distribute the donations to various ETSU employees and members of the community. Afterwards the committee chair reports back to the Senate the success of the drive and the number of baskets that were donated.

The goal of the CBC is to promote stewardship among the ETSU campus and the community.


Committee for Review of Staff Awards Process

The Staff Awards Committee is charged with reviewing, updating, editing and administering the application processes of both the Distinguished Staff Awards and the Staff Career Award.

The committee is responsible for ensuring information is made available for update of the Staff Senate web page.

The goal of the Staff Awards Committee is to ensure the most efficient and transparent process possible, up to and including the selection of award recipients.


Liaison Committee

The Staff Senate Liaison Committee will give the Staff Senate the ability to be involved with those entities, both internal and external, that may directly or indirectly impact the staff at ETSU and gives the Staff Senate the insight to help affect change if need be.

The duties of the Staff Senate Liaison Committee are as follows:

  • To maintain open lines of communication with the Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, and University Counsel but not limited to:
  • Will attend on Faculty Senate Meeting per month;
  • Will maintain contact with SGA Legislative and Executive Branches on a regular basis;
  • Will maintain contact with University Counsel in those instances where there are inquiries of a legal nature;
  • Will enable the Staff Senate to maintain open lines of communication with the State of Tennessee elected officials for our region on those matters pertinent to the ETSU staff;
  • Track legislation that may affect the ETSU staff.


Visibility Committee

The Visibility Committee will bring ETSU awareness to the Staff Senate by senators being accessible to the campus community throughout the year by attending various campus functions as well as sponsored special events that are non-legislative in nature.


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