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2008 Award Recipients

2008 Award Recipients

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Poster Presentation

Division I Undergraduates

Biomedical Sciences

First Place:Bassam Lamale, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Sharon Campbell, Dept. of Internal Medicine. Synthesis and Evaluation of Gamma Tocopherol Lysinate as an Anti-Cancer Agent in Human Prostate and Colon Cancer Cell Lines.

Second Place: Jessica Pugh, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor David Johnson, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Expression of Human Neutrophil Elastase Using Sumo Fusion Technology.

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

First Place: Elizabeth Harris, E TSU. Faculty Sponsor Michelle Hoard, Dept. of Mathematics. The Sierpiski Square Graph and Some of its Properties.

Second Place: Brent Linville, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Charles Thomas Jones, Dept. of Biological Sciences. Environmental Factors Contributing to Colony Success in a Social Spider System.

Third Place: Maleka Khambaty, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Dr. Tom Ecay and Dr. James Stewart, Depts. of Biology & Physiology. Developmental Expression of Carbonic Anyhdrase II in the Extraembryonic Membranes of the Corn Snake, Pantherophis Guttatus.

Fourth Place: Tazley Hotz, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Dept. of Biological Sciences. SA-Methyl Transferase Involvement in Disease Resistance Signaling.

Social & Behavioral Sciences

First Place: Daniel Noel, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Russell Brown, Dept. of Psychology. Nicotine Sensitization in Adolescent Beta Arrestin-2 knockout Mice: Correlations with BDNF.

Second Place: Benjamin Martin, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Chris Dula, Dept. of Psychology. A Look at the Development of the Martin Stigma Against Tattoos Measure.

Third Place: Julia Lehmann, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Russ Brown, Dept. of Psychology. Nicotine-Conditioned Hyperactivity in Adolescent Male and Female D2-Primed Rats.

Division II Graduate Students, 1-2 Years

Biomedical Sciences

First Place: Courtney Netherland, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Douglas Thewke, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Cannabinoid Receptor (CB2) Deficiency is Associated with Reduced Lesional Apoptosis in Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Null Mice.

Second Place: Stacie Woolard, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Uday Kumaraguru, Dept. of Microbiology. Toll-Like Receeptor Modulation of Dendritic Cell: Natural Killer Cell Interaction.

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

First Place: Lok Raj Pokhrel, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Istvan Karsai, Dept. of Biological Sciences. Mapping the Skin Pattern of Spotted Salamanders, Ambystoma Maculatum.

Second Place: David Hammond, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Ranjan Chakraborty, Dept. of Health Sciences. The Detection of Possible Outer Membrane Receptor, 'FepA', Protein From Rhizobium Leguminosarum Strain IARI 312.

Social & Behavioral Sciences (combined)

First Place: Marie Fillers, ETSU.Faculty Sponsor Nancy Scherer, Dept. of Communicative Disorders. Normative Speech Accuracy Measures of Children 24-30 Months of Age.

Second Place: Zackary Cope, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Russ Brown, Dept. of Psychology. Amphetamine Sensitization in a Rodent Model of Psychosis.

Division III Graduate Students, 2+ Years

First Place: Sam Boyd, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Darrell Moore, Dept. of Biological Sciences. Investigating Nectar Rhythms in Squash (Cucurbit Pepo): Effects on Honeybee (Apis Melliffera) Foraging Behavior.

Second Place: Christina Bridges, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Antonio Rusinol, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Comparison of the Activity and Expression of the ZMPSTE24 Endoprotease in Cellular Quiescence.

Division IV Medical Students

First Place: Heather Wright, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Beth Bailey, Dept. of Family Medicine. Access to Obstetric Care in Rural Northeast Tennessee: Association with Birth Outcomes.

Second Place: Thomas Soike, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor David Chi, Dept. of Internal Medicine. Effects of Cigarette Smoke Extract on Cytokine Production from IL-1Beta-Activated Mast Cells.

Division V Medical Residents and Post-Doctoral Fellows

First Place: Daniel Owens, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Cecilia McIntosh, Dept. of Biological Sciences. Identification, Recombinant Expression, And Biochemical Characterization Of A Flavonol 3-O-Glucosyltransferase From Citrus Paradisi.

Second Place: Subhadra Nandakumar, ETSU.Faculty Sponsor Uday Kumaraguru, Dept. of Microbiology. Post-Priming Manipulation of Discordant Antiviral T Cells.

Third Place: Zia Ur Rahman, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Fereshteh Gerayli, Dept. of Family Medicine. What is the Best Treatment of Chronic Fecal Retention?.

Oral Presentations

Graduate Students

First Place: Jeremy Stout, E TSU. Faculty Sponsor Blaine Schubert, Dept. of Biological Sciences. Skeletal Morphology and Systematics of Late Pliocene Alligator SP.

Second Place: Preston Visser, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Jameson Hirsch, Dept. of Psychology. Ethnic Differences in Risk and Protective Factors for Depression.

Third Place: Stacie Woolard, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Uday Kumaraguru, Dept. of Microbiology. Up-Regulating Death Receptor 5 Via Tunicamycin Administration Increases Anti-HSV Immune Response.

Medical Residents and Post-Doctoral Fellows

First Place: Subhadra Nandakumar, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Uday Kumaraguru, Dept. of Microbiology. Molecular Link Between Toll Like Receptors, Obesity and Risk of Cancer.

Second Place: Sumit Kalra, ETSU. Faculty Sponsor Terry Forrest, Dept. of Internal Medicine. A Case of Ventricular Tachycardia Terminated by Carotid Massage.

Third Place: Georges El Khoury, An Exceptional Variant of Single Coronary Artery Anomaly, Presenting with Acute St Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction.

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