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Are you on the Buc Path?


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Welcome to ETSU's
Buc Path to College Success!
Goals, Support and Involvement

The Buc Path is a series of visual timelines which highlight the essential elements you need to identify and realize your academic and career goals, and to assure you have a successful college experience at ETSU!

Use Buc Path as a guide to know when key academic requirements are due, when you should get support, and as a reminder to plan for those out of class experiences that will enrich your college life.

For a successful college experience, Buc Path highlight Goals, and opportunities for Support and Involvement denoted as diamonds, squares, circles and dollar signs. 


Begin using the Buc Path by clicking on the appropriate timeline for your classification ( first year, second year, etc.) located in the left navigation of this page. Use the horizontal scroll bar in each timeline to move the timeline left and right. Click on the timeline marker or text to get details and helpful information.

Each Buc Path Timeline contains four types of information:

Blue Diamond


Experiences that get you out of your comfort zone and stretch your knowledge, skills and abilities. The academic goals necessary for a timely graduation.

money icon


Applications, deadlines, and tasks related to financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Cicle Blue


Assistance you need from staff and faculty to navigate university life and the career and personal choices you have to make along the way.

Square Gold


Exceptional opportunities to be involved outside the classroom, to put your learning into practice and to give back to the community. 

High Impact Practices (HIPS)

High Impact Practices (HIPS)

Active Learning practices that promote deep learning by promoting student engagement.

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