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Attend first day of spring classes

Class attendance is important for successful achievement. Not only will you learn the course material but many courses and departments have strict attendance policies. Not attending class can negatively impact your financial aid, housing, grades etc.

Get involved on campus

Being involved will be fun, open up leadership opportunities, allow you to meet other people and give you the support you need to succeed.  

Find more information about getting involved and list of ETSU student organizations and clubs at the ETSU SORC site:

Change or update major as needed

To officially change your major, see the academic advisor of your new major and a “Change of Major Form” must be completed and returned to room 101 in Burgin Dossett Hall or you may send an e-mail to the academic advisor of your new major and the advisor can complete this process online through Goldlink. 

The Undergraduate Change of Major form is online here:

Undergraduate Academic Advisors List

Meet with your academic advisor

All students with less than 60 credits earned are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration. But it is strongly recommended that you meet with your advisor throughout your college career to ensure you are on track to graduation. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the classes you will be taking the next academic semester as well as the courses you might want to take during the winter or summer sessions. The relationship you develop with your advisor is important to your success at ETSU.  

Find a list of Academic Major Advisors and their contact information at this link:

Renew housing contract

Students living on campus, who wish to live on campus the following year, must renew their housing contract. 

Here is more information on renewing your housing contract:

Register for next academic semester in GoldLink


Each semester you will register for the next academic semester using GoldLink. It is also important to update your personal information such as address, phone, etc.                                   

Use Schedule Builder to build your schedule: 

Log into GoldLink:

Taking 15 or more hours per semester will keep you on track to graduate in four years -

Visit University Career Services

There are numerous career information resources available on the web. In fact, there are so many sources of information that you may find it helpful to visit University Career Services for recommendations related to your personal interests and current needs. ETSU students and alumni can schedule an appointment with a full time staff member by calling 423-439-4450.

Visit the University Career Services website for more information:

Prepare for final exams

Now is the time to begin studying and preparing for final exams. Your final exams are not always scheduled on the same day and time as your regular class schedule.

Here is a list of final exam dates and times:

Finish 24-30 credits

In order to graduate in a timely manner, it is suggested that freshmen students complete 24-30 credit hours by the end of their 2nd semester.

Taking 15 or more hours per semester will keep you on track to graduate in four years -

Verify grades, academic status and adjust schedule in GoldLink

Once your final grades have been submitted, we encourage you to verify those grades in GoldLink. You can also check your academic status (good standing, probation, suspension) as well as adjust or change classes that you have registered to take the next academic semester.

Click here to log into GoldLink.

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