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Work with University Career Services to write and edit a professional resume

You can schedule an appointment with a full time staff member by calling 423-439-4450.

Resume Walk-In Hours with Graduate Assistants are available. Check our web site for specific times. 

Visit the University Career Services web site

Visit for employment postings

Go to class - Attendance is important!

Class attendance is important for successful achievement. Not only will you learn the course material but many courses and departments have an attendance policy. Not attending may negatively impact your financial aid, housing, grades etc.

Attend Welcome Week events/ learn about campus involvement

Welcome Week is an opportunity for students to make new friends, learn about different organizations, clubs and activities to get involved in at ETSU. Being involved will give you good experiences, open up leadership opportunities, allow you to meet other people and give you the support you need.

Find a complete list of all Welcome Week events here:

More information about getting involved and a list of ETSU student organizations and clubs can be found here:

Join a student organization

Joining a student organization is a great way to meet other students, get involved in campus activities and enhance your college life.

Access a full list of student organizations herer:

Take a student organization leadership role

Serving in a leadership position in a student organization can enhance the skills you have already developed, help you become aware of your leadership style as well as allow you to have a voice in the goals and mission of the student organization.

Meet with faculty about graduate school programs (if applicable)

If you are planning to further your education after your bachelor’s degree, now is the time to meet with faculty to discuss graduate school programs.

The current graduate school catalog will provide you with a complete list of graduate school programs at ETSU and the requirements:Graduate Programs

Build faculty relationships for reference letters

Developing relationships with faculty and staff can be very beneficial. Talking with your professors can help clear up lecture material or information that you did not understand. Some professors may give you a more detailed preview of what is coming up which could help you focus on what to study. Another benefit is that professor and professional staff references are vital if you plan to continue your education beyond the bachelor level. Many professors and staff members are reluctant to write a reference letters unless they know you beyond just seeing you in the office or department or on the basis of nothing but the coursework they’ve seen.

Attend an ETSU sporting event

Show your support and ETSU pride by attending and ETSU sporting event.

Find the schedule of your favorite sport or more information about ETSU Athletics at their website:

Complete FAFSA for next academic year

“FAFSA” is the Federal Student Aid Application. Completing your FAFSA is the avenue to obtain federal money for your education including grants, Hope Scholarships, and other forms of funding. The FAFSA must be completed each year in order for you to be eligible for financial aid and scholarships. 

FAFSA opens October 1. Complete the FAFSA form which is located online here: 

Apply for scholarships

For ETSU based scholarships, March 1 is the deadline to submit your application each year.

Visit the ETSU Scholarships office for more information about Scholarships ETSU has to offer: 

Meet with your academic advisor

All students with less than 60 credits earned are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration.But it is strongly recommended that you meet with your advisor throughout your college career to ensure you are on track to graduation. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the classes you will be taking the next academic semester as well as courses you make want to take during the winter or summer sessions. The relationship you develop with your advisor is important to your success at ETSU.

Access the full list of Academic Major Advisors and contact information online:

Register for next academic semester on GoldLink

Each semester you will register for the next academic semester using GoldLink. It is also important to update your personal information such as address, phone, etc. 

Log into GoldLink here:

Taking 15 or more hours per semester will keep you on track to graduate in four years -

Prepare for final exams


Now is the time to begin studying and preparing for final exams. Your final exams are not always scheduled on the same day and time as your regular class schedule.

Here is a list of final exam dates and times.

Complete 60-75 credits

In order to graduate in a timely manner, it is suggested that students complete 60-75 credit hours by the end of this semester.

Taking 15 or more hours per semester will keep you on track to graduate in four years -

Verify grades, academic status and adjust schedule in GoldLink

Once your final grades have been submitted, we encourage you to verify those grades in GoldLink. You can also check your academic status (good standing, probation, suspension) as well as adjust or change classes that you have registered to take the next academic semester.

Log into GoldLink:

Winter Session available

Limited courses are offered during the Winter Session. Courses offered are selected by academic departments and are 100% online. These courses are considered part of the spring term. You are limited to one course or a max of 4-credit hours. ETSU Financial Aid recipients may be able to include a winter session course with the spring term award. Course can be found in Goldlink. Select the spring term, then select the subject(s) you'd like to search, and choose “winter session” as the "Part of Term".

More information about Winter Session is listed here:

Find out more about ETSU Financial Aid information:

Log into GoldLink.

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