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Explore majors and identify options   Look at financial aid and scholarship options   Activate GoldLink and eMail accounts   Check GoldLink for your next steps (after admitted)   Check eMail regularly Complete FAFSA   Check immunization requirements and submit documentation   Complete LAUNCH portion of orientation   Download the ETSU App on smart phone or tablet   Attend PREVIEW and QUEST    
  Visit campus, explore housing and meal plan options   Apply early for admission   Check application status in GoldLink   Log into Degree Works, ETSU's Degree Audit system
        Check GoldLink and eMail for financial aid requirements and complete as necessary   Submit final high school transcript to ETSU   Attend on-campus orientation   Update personal information in GoldLink   Check class schedule
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Explore majors and identify options
This is your opportunity to choose from an array of fields here at ETSU.

Learn more about what ETSU has to offer here: Undergraduate Catalog 

Undergraduate Programs List

Schedule a Campus Tour or Attend Open House,
Explore housing and meal plan options

ETSU offers several Open House events throughout the year, and offers personal tours of campus any time.
See Current Housing Rates Figuring out where you want to live during your college career is more than essential. Depending on your budget options, ETSU has many housing and meal plan options to choose from.

Here is more information on housing.  See Current Housing Rates
Find more information on meal plans here:  https://www.etsu.edu/students/housing/dining.aspx

Look at Financial Aid and Scholarship options
Fill out the Net Price Calculator, to give you some idea of the cost of tuition, books, housing, meal plans, etc.  There are different types of financial aid available.  You must complete an annual FAFSA form to determine what types of aid you might be eligible to receive. ETSU offers an array of scholarships, deadlines vary. 

Fill out the Net Price Calculator.  http://https://www.etsu.edu/finaid/cost/costcalc.php
Complete the FAFSA form. http://fafsa.ed.gov/
Find more information about Scholarships here: https://www.etsu.edu/scholarships

Apply for early admission
Get a jump start on the admission process. Applying early will allow you more time to prepare for your freshman year at ETSU. 
Submit your official transcripts and ACT/SAT scores. 

Here is information about early eadmissionst: Early Admissions


Activate GoldLink and eMail accounts
After applying to the university, ETSU will send you information regarding your student accounts.  GoldLink is a tool used to keep up with all of your student information(class schedule, registration, transcript, etc.) and eMail is the primary method of communication at ETSU.  All official information from ETSU will be sent through eMail.  

Activate your account at  https://webapps.etsu.edu/AccountActivation

Log into GoldLink: http://goldlink.etsu.edu/cp/home/displaylogin.

Log into eMail:https://webmail.etsu.edu/

Check Application status in GoldLink
Use this link to check the status of your application: http://goldlink.etsu.edu/cp/home/displaylogin. From there, you can see if your transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and other information have been received.

Check GoldLink for your next steps (after admitted)
Log into GoldLink and check your next steps.  http://goldlink.etsu.edu/cp/home/displaylogin

Explore Majors and Degree Requirements.
Learn the Basics at https://www.etsu.edu/reg/degreeworks/tutorials.aspx.

You can create and save up to three “What If” scenarios with different ETSU academic majors. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to decide between college majors.

Check eMail Regularly
Remember, eMail is the primary method of communication at ETSU. Students should check their e-mail at least once a day.

Click here to log into eMailhttps://webmail.etsu.edu/

Complete your FAFSA
“FAFSA” is the Federal Student Aid Application. Completing your FAFSA is the avenue to obtain federal money for your education including grants, Hope Scholarships, and other forms of funding. The FAFSA must be completed each year in order for you to be eligible for financial aid and scholarships. For ETSU based scholarships, March 1 is the deadline to submit your application each year.

Complete the FAFSA form which is located online here: http://fafsa.ed.gov/

Visit the ETSU Scholarships office for more information about Scholarships ETSU has to offer: https://www.etsu.edu/scholarships

Check GoldLink and eMail for financial aid requirements and complete as necessary
You can view all of your student requirements for financial aid in GoldLink on the My Financial Aid Info tab. You will also receive notifications from financial aid via eMail.

Log into GoldLink here: http://goldlink.etsu.edu/cp/home/displaylogin

Log into eMail here: https://webmail.etsu.edu/

The GoldLink Guide to Financial Aid is located online here: https://www.etsu.edu/finaid/goldlink_guide.php

Check immunization requirements in GoldLink  and submit documentation
All fulltime students must provide proof of the following

Access information regarding required immunizations and exemptions here: https://www.etsu.edu/nursing/shserv/immunizations/requirements.aspx

Submit final high school transcript, order AP Scores from the College Board, and request official University or Community College Transcripts with dual Enrollment course credit.

In order to completely process your admittance, you must submit an official copy (sealed, unopened version) of your final high school transcripts to 

ETSU- Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 70731
Johnson City, TN  37614

Complete LAUNCH - the online portion of orientation
You will receive notification via eMail inviting you to Orientation. You will need to log into the orientation system and complete LAUNCH (online orientation), take the LAUNCH quiz, select a date and pay for an on-ground orientation. If you are not required to attend on-ground orientation you will need to complete LAUNCH and pay your orientation fee. Once you complete the orientation registration process you will receive a confirmation email.

Log into LAUNCH by clicking this link: http://etsupws.etsu.edu/Orientation/Login

Attend on-campus orientation
At orientation you will be introduced to ETSU’s campus, potential majors, introductory information and register for classes.

Find more information about orientation here: https://www.etsu.edu/orientation

Here is the Orientation Checklist: https://www.etsu.edu/students/nsfp/orientation/checklist.aspx

Download the ETSU App on phone or iPad
For easy access to ETSU information download the ETSU app. https://www.etsu.edu/app

Android Link

Apple iOS Link

Update personal information in GoldLink
GoldLink is the place to update your personal information such as address, phone number, etc.

Log into GoldLink. http://goldlink.etsu.edu/cp/home/displaylogin.

Once you have logged in, click on “personal information” and update as necessary.

PREVIEW is designed to make you feel at home and at ease before classes begin. You will make friends, meet many of your fellow classmates, learn your way around campus and have a lot of fun!
QUEST is a college transition program designed to help historically underrepresented students become acclimated to campus life while building a network of friends, faculty, and staff to assist you through your college journey while at ETSU.

Click here for more information about PREVIEWhttps://www.etsu.edu/students/nsfp/preview/default.aspx

Click here for more information about QUEST.  https://www.etsu.edu/students/mcc/programs/questprogram/default.aspx

Check class schedule
Check your class schedule in GoldLink to confirm class locations

Click here to log into GoldLink. http://goldlink.etsu.edu/cp/home/displaylogin.

Once you have logged in, click on “student”, then “registration”, then “concise student schedule”.