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Begin the transfer process one year in advance

It is recommended that you begin the transfer process one year in advance to help ease the transition to ETSU. Click here for a list of things to do to begin the transfer process.

Explore majors and identify options

This is your opportunity to choose from an array of fields here at ETSU. Click here to learn more about what ETSU has to offer. Undergraduate Catalog

Look at transfer course equivalencies

If you want to find out how your courses will transfer to ETSU you can use the Transfer Course Equivalencies Table
To determine how your courses will fit into a specific degree or program you can use Transfer Works:
Note: Some intuitions and courses may not be listed in the Transfer Course Equivalencies Table and on Transfer Works.  Contact admissions for help:  Email - Phone: 423/439-4213

Visit and become familiar with campus

Schedule a tour of campus and see what ETSU has to offer.

Understand Your Costs

Understand Your Costs

Visit Financial Aid’s Cost Calculator to help you estimate tuition costs. Also, watch this helpful video that explains cost calculation.

Apply for financial aid and scholarhsips

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the avenue to obtain federal money for your education including grants, Hope Scholarships, and other forms of funding. The FAFSA must be completed each year in order for you to be eligible for financial aid and scholarships. 

**Make sure ETSU is listed as the first school. ETSU School Code 003487

FAFSA opens October 1. Complete the FAFSA form which is located online here: 


For ETSU based scholarships, March 1 is the deadline to submit your application each year.

Visit the ETSU Scholarships office for more information about Scholarships ETSU has to offer:

Explore housing options

Figuring out where you want to live during your college career is more than essential. Depending on your budget options, ETSU has many housing and meal plan options to choose from- including the on-campus Transfer Living Community (TLC)
Click here for more information on housing.  
More information about the Transfer Living Community can be found at:
Click here for more information on meal plans.


Apply for admission

Get a jump start on the admission process. Applying early will allow you more time to prepare for your first year at ETSU.  Click here for information about applying

Submit all transcripts (including dual enrollment courses)

In order to completely process your admittance, you must submit an official copy (sealed, unopened version) of your high school, college(s) and dual enrollment transcripts to 
ETSU- Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 70731
Johnson City, TN  37614

Check immunization requirements and submit documentation

All fulltime students must provide proof of the following
  • (2) MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) Shots or Physician signed documentation of immunity
  • (2) Varicella (Chicken Pox) Shots or Physician signed documentation of immunity
  • *A signed Meningococcal/Hepatitis B Waiver Form acknowledging that the student is aware of the risk associated with Hepatitis B and Meningitis Infections on a college campus
  • Students under the age of 22 years of age and living on-campus must provide medical documentation of having received adequate immunization against meningococcal disease within the past five years

*The Meningococcal / Hepatitis B waiver form is completed online in the student's Goldlink Account during orientation, given that the Health Clinic no longer accepts the paper form.

Click here for information regarding required immunizations and exemptions.

Click here for the form:

Activate GoldLink and ETSU E-mail accounts

After being accepted into the university, ETSU will send you information regarding your student accounts. Goldlink is a tool used to keep up with all of your student information (class schedule, registration, transcript, etc.) and ETSU E-mail is the primary method of communication at ETSU.  All official information from ETSU will be sent to your ETSU E-mail account.
Click here to activate your ETSU E-mail and Goldlink accounts:
Click here to log into GoldLink this link to log into your ETSU E-mail:

Check your ETSU E-mail regularly

Your ETSU E-mail is the primary method of communication at ETSU. Students should check their e-mail at least once a day.  Click this link to log into your ETSU E-mail:

Check application status in GoldLink

To check the status of your application, click here.
From there, you can see if your transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and other information have been received.

Check GoldLink for your next steps (after admitted)

Click here to log into GoldLink and check your next steps.

Log into Degree Works, ETSU’s Degree Audit System

Degree Works gives students an up-to-date, play-by-play of courses taken and courses needed to help them plan and complete their degree(s) on time! You can create “What-If” scenarios with different ETSU majors to see how your courses would fit into that major. You can access Degree Works through your Goldlink account or at

HOPE Scholarship recipients, notify TSAC (spring transfers only)

You must notify TSAC that you are changing institutions (that you will be attending ETSU starting spring semester). There are two ways to do so:
Create a student account in the Student Financial Aid Portal at
Submit a Change of Institution Request Form. Click here to access the form:

Cancel your financial aid for spring (spring transfers only)

Contact your current institutions financial aid office to cancel your financial aid for the upcoming spring semester

Check GoldLink and ETSU E-mail for financial aid requirements

Be sure to monitor your ETSU Email and GoldLink for any unsatisfied student requirements. For assistance, visit Financial Aid’s GoldLink Guide.  

If you have ever been required learning support, contact UAC

If you have ever been required to take learning support classes (Whether you are in process of completing or have or have already completed the courses) contact the University Advisement Center at 423/439-5244

Take the ACCUPLACER exam (if necessary)

The ACCUPLACER test is required of students who are admitted to ETSU who have not taken the ACT/SAT or students submitting ACT/SAT scores that are over five years old. Contact the University Advisement Center for more information and for scheduling your test: 423/439-5244

Find more information on ACCUPLACER and Learning Support competency placement here:

Complete LAUNCH portion of orientation

You will receive notification via email inviting you to Orientation. You will need to log into the orientation system and complete LAUNCH (online orientation), take the LAUNCH quiz, select a date and pay for an on-ground orientation. If you are not required to attend on-ground orientation you will need to complete LAUNCH and pay your orientation fee. Once you complete the orientation registration process you will receive a confirmation email.
Click here for more information about orientation
Click here to log into LAUNCH.

Attend on campus orientation, be advised and register for classes

At orientation you will be introduced to ETSU’s campus, potential majors, introductory information and register for classes. Click here for more information about orientation.

Download the ETSU App on smart phone or tablet

For easy access to ETSU information download the ETSU app.

Update personal information in GoldLink (if needed)

Goldlink is the place to update your personal information such as address, phone number, etc. 
Click here to log into GoldLink.  Once you have logged in, click on “personal information” and update as necessary.

Continue to follow the BucPath

Continue following the BucPath to assure you have a successful college experience at ETSU! The BucPath will help you to know when key academic requirements are due, when you should get support, and as a reminder to plan for those out of class experiences that will enrich your college life. 




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