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The Bryants, a couple who met at ETSU, are continuing a long family tradition. Jacob Bryant said, Its interesting because my parents met at ETSU, and my grandparents met at ETSU, and Eliza, finishing his sentence, agreed, So we built up a tradition. Eliza and Jacob met on the first day of classes when they both showed up early, and the rest is history.

They also began their careers together at 21st Mortgage in Knoxville, Tennessee. According to Gene Crabtree, recruiter for the company; After graduation, Jacob worked with 21st Mortgage for several months before Eliza joined us. Jacob recommended 21st because of the positive work environment, highly motivated people, and opportunities for growth and advancement. Two years after graduating, both have been promoted. In fact, Jacob is now in his fourth position with the company.

(Enrolled in BGSD 2300 Building E-Portfolios Course)
Because I will be graduating next May, this course has been really beneficial because it has helped me compile the things I need to apply for jobs. By using the templates to build a resume and a career portfolio, I learned new things to add and work on so I can present a better resume.

One thing I have learned is the value of putting together a digital portfolio as opposed to a hard copy.  Most people prefer to look at information online rather than flip through a notebook.  To be successful in a modern world of technological advances, one must be willing to embrace the new methods of building portfolios. 
I enjoyed this online course. I was surprised at how much I learned and took away from this course. The first thing I learned was how to make a resume. In the past, I thought I knew how to make a resume. However, after meeting with Mr. Purvis I realize that I had no clue. Thankfully, now I know how to effectively format my resume in a way that will attract employers. I also learned what a portfolio was and how to create one through
  • This has been such a great class that has offered many amazing benefits. I have already received a job offer (and accepted it) from posting my resume on the career website! Here      are 3 things I have learned from this class:
1) ETSU has a great website that makes your resume available to any prospective employers and that it is actually effective.
2) After our general education assignment I have learned that the general education classes really do offer many benefits.
3) Sometimes taking a class even if you don't need it can prove to be beneficial. I didn't need this class, but by taking it, I have been hired for a job that is going to look great on my resume and the pay is nice.

One question I have about this class: Why isn't this class a recommended class for all students? I think it's a very beneficial class for all students to take. It will bring the ETSU career site to their attention and introduce all the great benefits for using it. As an added benefit, students will learn how to create a resume and portfolio that will be appealing to employers.

Being the most prepared candidate for employment increases the chances of getting the job tremendously, so it's good to build this "arsenal". The only question that I still have is pretty basic- How long will we have access to after this course, and after we graduate from the university? (Answer: No Limit)
I am so glad that we made these portfolios because I believe they will be a great asset to our future careers and any interviews that we may have. I did not realize that you could make an online portfolio that was considered professional and something that employers would take seriously. I am excited about mine and I look forward to adding more to it.
What a great class this is to take the semester I am graduating.  I think this class has been so beneficial to me and where I am in my professional life.  I have learned how to build my resume, also how to build my portfolio and start networking myself, and lastly I learned a lot about myself and how I am what makes me motivated to become a professional business woman.  
I have not had to create a resume in over 10 years and a lot of things have changed in what potential employers look at. Also, the portfolio was very informative I have never been involved in learning how to create that and see how important it is in pursuing potential jobs. 
I also was unaware of these particular resources that are offered by ETSU. I did not know this resume building site and portfolio creating site were available. They are great ways to connect with future employees and show what you are capable of (achieving).
I have gained valuable knowledge that I will be able to apply to my career from taking this course. Three of the most important things that I have learned are
1.) How to properly build a resume. After consulting the college central team, I realize how to make a resume flow better and look more professional and appealing.
2.) How to build a portfolio and how important that could be for hiring purposes. It is very beneficial to be able to list and provide a future employer with past awards and honors.
3.) How to use the college central website in general. This website is a great resource for new graduates and other individuals.
  • In the last five weeks, I have learned...
How to use the college central website to build a portfolio to show to perspective employers which I think is wonderful as graduation isn't far away and my information is already out there before I even graduate.

The importance of a clear, concise resume that shows an employer your skills, training, and work/school history. This gives them a base to decide whether or not you are a potential employee. If the clear, concise resume doesn't look great, many employers may not even continue to research and will hire another person.
Over the past five weeks I have learned a lot about trying to get a job and showcasing my skills. I have learned how to make a portfolio to share with prospective employers that I will use tonight when I submit my information for a job I obtained by referral. I have learned how to update my portfolio and using the examples that are on the College Central website I have learned what kinds of things to include in my portfolio. Finally, I have learned how to make a good resume.
I'm thankful to have all of them put together now and ready for use in the future. Oh and before this course, I had never heard of College Central, which seems like a great network for finding future employment.
  • The three things that have had the most impact on me have been learning to build the E-Portfolio, writing my personal statement, and learning all that ETSU offers its students through College Central/Career Services. Before this class, I had no clue what an      E-Portfolio even was. I realize now how important it is in order to begin networking with possible future employers, and I will continue to update and use this site. My personal statement had a big impact on what I      learned because it made me sit down and actually think about my life and where I am going. I know I sometimes get caught up in everyday life, so reflecting on that really helped me to fine-tune my personal and professional goals. Last but not least, I had no idea that ETSU offers so many services pertaining to future careers for its students, and I am especially  grateful for these.
The only question I still have after taking this course: Do a lot of students know about Career Services? It really helps and I feel like it is something all students should at least know about. 
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