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Having trouble deciding on a major or career path?

The Career Exploration Center is an office on the East Tennessee State University campus that was created specifically to help students who are unsure of their future career goals. Our office is designed to help students who are beginning to navigate the career world.

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In the Career Exploration Center our philosophy is to encourage individuals to begin the career decision-making process through learning about themselves. We encourage individuals to begin their search by raising self-awareness before looking at careers and majors.

Our goal is not to choose a career or major for students but rather to help them along the path of self-discovery and career decision-making. The services provided in the Career Exploration Center have been designed to engage students personally in the process of planning their career path.

The Career Exploration Center was established to assist East Tennessee State University students, as well as prospective students, during the process of:

  • Choosing an academic major

  • Learning about their occupational interests, values, and abilities

  • Obtain information about specific occupations

  • Clarify their career plans

If you are in the process, or just starting the process, of clarifying your educational and career goals here is some information to help get you started.


Career Exploration Center Staff:

Coordinator: Diana Kuehl
Graduate Assistants: Erin Meulenberg and Michael Morun


2nd Floor D.P. Culp Center

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Phone Number: 423-439-8651

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