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Counseling Center

Division of Student Life and Enrollment

Filing a Care Report

What is a CARE Report?

A CARE Report is an online form that anyone associated with ETSU can complete in order to call attention to a student of concern.

It should NOT be used in the case of an emergency or if immediate attention is needed.  If this is an emergency CLICK HERE.

Who can file a CARE Report?

Any ETSU faculty, staff, student or parent may file a CARE report.

What types of concerns can be reported?

Any concern about a students welfare may be reported.  This includes:  medical issues, mental health issues, academic issues, physical safety concerns and others.

Can I make an anonymous CARE Report?

CARE Reports are confidential, but not anonymous.  Reporters must provide their contact information in case a follow-up is needed to gather more information.  However, the reporters identity will not be disclosed to the Student of Concern.  A limited  number of Student Affairs staff will have access to the CARE Report.

What happens after I file a CARE Report?

All CARE Reports are reviewed daily by Student Affairs.  If it is determined that further action is needed, the student will be contacted and interviewed in person if necessary to assure safety.  Depending on the severity of the concern, students may be required to undergo a  mental health screen or fulfill other requirements.

HOW do I file a CARE Report?  (CLICK HERE to file a Care Report)

This online form is also located on the ETSU Student Affairs website
(Student Affairs Units > Division of Student Affairs  > Student Affairs Units > Student Conduct > Student Conduct Resources > Submit a CARE Report)

Are there alternatives to filing a CARE Report?

Yes.  Other options include:

  1. Consulting with other ETSU staff, for example:  Residential Advisors.
  2. Consulting with Counseling Center staff  by phone or in person.
  3. Walking the Student of Concern to the Counseling Center.


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