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Spanish Language and Cultures Living-Learning Community

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   The Spanish Language and Cultures Living-Learning Community is a partnership of the Department of Literature and Language within the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Housing and Residence Life. The community provides a language-immersion environment to foster language proficiency, increase cultural awareness, and to make a community around the exciting cultural and artistic contributions of Spanish-speaking people and history. This is a unique housing opportunity that will immerse you in the closest thing to a Study Abroad experience right here on campus, giving a tangible boost to your language proficiency, and creating cross-cultural friendships outside the classroom.

            Meet people from some of the 20 nations where Spanish is a majority language, and join a group of speakers approaching 500 million worldwide. Cultural and language-centered activities are provided monthly, including film viewings, an exploration of the cuisine of Hispanic countries, social gatherings and many opportunities to practice the Spanish language. The diversity of the community stems from a combination of native speakers and learners, representing every level of fluency. 

Community Requirements:

  • Be interested in the exploration of Spanish language and cultures
  • A willingness to participate in activities and events
  • Complete a Spanish Language and Cultures application and receive formal acceptance
  • While not a requirement, a demonstrated background in speaking Spanish (either as a native speaker or from prior coursework) is helpful
  • Complete a community application and receive formal acceptance.
  • Reside in designated space in Lucille Clement Hall for the Living-Learning Community.  LLC spaces are specifically reserved for members of the Living-Learning Community.

Questions? Contact  .

 For more information about the Department of Literature and Language website click here.


Community Coordinator Bio:

Isabel Gómez Sobrino

 picture of isabel sobrino


Isabel Gómez Sobrino started teaching at ETSU in 2013. Dr. Gómez completed her PhD at the University of Cincinnati the same year. She teaches undergraduate classes in Beginning and Intermediate Spanish, online courses and an array of upper level classes containing grammar, literature and phonetics. Dr. Gómez’s research interests are adaptation and performance studies, women writers and translation. These interests have resulted in works on adapted poetry into songs with a revolutionary agenda, the epistolary discourse of female poets in Spain in the 1920s and translations of our poet-in-Residence Jesse Graves.
She is also dedicated with her students and she has become the faculty advisor for the Spanish honors society Sigma Delta Pi and she co-directs our Study Abroad Program to Toledo, Spain.

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