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Travel Study and Alternative Break Information


Residential students are encouraged to take advantage of a spring 2018 Learning Community focused on the historical and modern context of the Civil Rights Movement


Spring 2018 Learning Community – The History of the Civil Rights Movement

Learning Community/Travel Study Description and Outcomes

This Learning Community provides participants with an in-depth exploration of the history of the Civil Rights Movement.  By participating in this experience, students will learn more about the issues and people who fought for racial equality in the United States, and begin to explore the ongoing struggles for justice in modern society. 

Students enroll in the following courses for in spring 2018 (6 credit hours total)

¨ HIST 4287: The Long Civil Rights Movement (online section with 5-6 on-ground meetings)
        Instructor: Dr. Daryl Carter, Department of History

¨ HDAL 2340: Understanding Cultural Diversity (meets Tuesdays from 4-6:45 pm)
        Instructor: Dr. Bethany Novotny, Department of Counseling and Human Services

Travel associated with spring 2018 coursework

Students and faculty will travel during spring break 2018 to Atlanta, GA, Montgomery, AL, and Selma, AL.  Students and
faculty will visit historical spaces, colleges, museums, and interact with individuals who played a role in the history of the movement, as well as those who continue to fight for equality. 

Participants will:

·         Gain an insight into historical policies and events that shape our modern society.

·         Identify ways to be empowered for change on the ETSU campus and as global citizens.

·         Explore issues of racial equality and justice through course learning and travel study opportunities.

·          Participate in an experience that can make you more marketable after graduation—employers look for applicants who can demonstrate the skills gained through Learning Community participation.


·         Information to Know Before Applying

·         The program fee is $400.00 for this trip, which covers lodging, most meals, and transportation.  The cost of course registration is NOT covered by this fee.  Students interested in this experience are encouraged to speak with the Financial Aid Office to inquire about what aid may be available to you. 

·         Participants must register for the courses designated for this Learning Community & Travel Study (6 credit hours for spring 2018). Students chosen will be granted permits to add designated sections of courses during registration for spring 2018.

·         Participants must be in good standing with the University, which will be determined by review of your academic and judicial
records.  Your signature on this application gives the trip leadership the permission to review these records to determine your eligibility.  Students on probation (academically or judicially) are not eligible to enroll in this Learning Community/Travel Study. 

·          Travel will occur as a group during Spring Break and all individuals must travel with the group at all times.  Students will be
provided a packing list, which will include items needed for the week.

·         Travel Study is drug and alcohol free at ALL times.  This includes evening hours and/or free time regardless of age.  Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary charges through the University. 




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