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Diversity Educators Program

Office of Student Success

Meet our Educators


Our Educators


Nathan Farnor
(Political Science/Comm.Studies)

“I believe that diversity is around us every day. We have a choice to ignore it or embrace it. I want to share with others how rewarding it is to embrace and to understand diversity…”


Lexy Barnes
(Mass Communication)

My name is Lexy Barnes, and I am from Chattanooga, TN. I am a third year student at ETSU in the Media and Communication Department. I became a diversity educator as a freshman because I feel that diversity is such an important topic, but it isn't covered in enough detail (if at all) in the classroom. Instead of fearing diversity, we should celebrate it.


Jasmine Blair
(Criminal Justice)



Erika Brown
(Criminal Justice)

Hello! My name is Erika Brown. I am a senior Criminal Justice major. I decided to become a diversity educator after seeing all the injustices of the world and wanting to do something about it. I love the differences in people and how each difference leads to a greater piece of the puzzle of life. I want to help others understand how differences do not harm, but make the human race better as a whole.


Dominique Cain
(Health Sciences)



Nelson David
(Media and Communication)



Nicholas Fasanello

I am a Dominican Italian who relocated to North Carolina from New York with a passion for student empowerment, research, and involvement.


Stephanie Fraley

I am a Pre-Physical Therapy Biology major who is passionate about loving all people. I am excited about being a Diversity Educator because the first step to change and awareness is through knowledge and understand of all sides.  Only then can we come together as one people and live life to the fullest. 


Nicole King
(Human Services)

My name is Nicole King. I'm from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and I'm a sophomore at ETSU. I'm passionate about social justice, diversity, and mental health. I believe that diversity education is important because it helps us better understand other people's perspectives and enables us to work to improve ourselves and the world around us.


Kristina Lim
(Biology & Chemistry)

My name is Kristina Lim, and I grew up in Spring Hill, TN. I'm currently a senior at ETSU studying Biology and Chemistry. I joined Diversity Educators in Fall 2016 to learn more about different areas of diversity and use this knowledge to facilitate workshops and educational programs with my peers as well as with individuals in the community. This program has given me an opportunity to reflect on my personal areas of privilege, and it has allowed me to develop a greater appreciation for all of our unique differences.


Kelsey Long

"I wish to serve as a Diversity Educator because I want to create awareness and appreciation for diverse characteristics that people possess on campus and in society. I can contribute communication skills, organization skills, and the desire to spread knowledge to people that are unaware…”


Kaitlin Long

“I want to spread knowledge of diversity to students at ETSU and where I live. It is important to understand where many people come from, and their backgrounds. I respect their differences, even if they are different than mine.”


Keyana Miller



Brittany Nwokeji



Mia Operta

My name is Mia Operta and I'm a senior at ETSU majoring in psychology! I love learning about others and how we can all make strides towards equality. I'm also very passionate about working with children and my dream is to become a pediatric occupational therapist.


Ami Patel
(Health Sciences)



Rima Patel
(Health Sciences)



Alaana Patterson
(Public Relations)

I'm Alaana Patterson and I am a rising senior. I'm studying Public Relations with a minor in Business Management. I love art, cooking and helping others when I can.


Maggie Polden
(Human Services)



Shelbi Releford
(Physical Education)



Casandra Reyes-Arellano



Jack Rivera
(Digital Media)



Aamir Shaikh
(Health Sciences)



Taylor Suttles 
(Media and Communication)



Catherine Tucker



Baylee Warren
(Foreign Languages)



Briar Worley

My name is Briar Worley, and I'm from a small town called Sardis in western Tennessee. I'm a senior at ETSU, and currently pursuing a degree in Radio/TV/Film. I have a special place in my heart dedicated to LGBT+ activism and equality. Life is diverse - We should celebrate that.

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