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Student Access & Success Programs

Who are the Mentors?

Peer, Faculty, Staff and Alumni

BEST Mentor Program is designed to instill and practice the idea that “Graduation Begins Today.”  Participating students work directly in tandem with BEST Mentors.  BEST Mentors, Peers, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Mentors, are committed to offer underrepresented students the skills necessary to maximize your interpersonal potentials and academic successes through formal, relevant, and meaningful ongoing one-on-one and group sessions. BEST Mentors are great resource for students in and outside of the classroom; they guide, motivate, and inspire fellow incoming and current students throughout your first year and university experience. BEST Mentors provide the vital opportunities and benefits of capturing and planning to graduate on time.  

 Bucs who empower the students of tomorrow:

  • Proactively engage and impact underrepresented students as they begin their educational journey, first year experience and consider their career prospects.
  • Embody a strong sense of community and purpose enhanced through sessions and continued guidance from Faculty and Staff Mentors that highlights the importance of self-awareness, academic achievement, and career plan.
  • Model intentional and purpose-driven mentorship and demonstrate a genuine commitment to personal, academic, and global growth and well-being of one-self, the peer, and the community.
  • Expected to be role model, and are required to exhibit the values and culture of ETSU.
  • Play a key role in facilitating and engaging the campus and the community through civic service to pay it forward.


BEST Mentor Program is designed to maximize underrepresented students’ transformative learning experience. Through the transformative learning experience, students develop skills beyond their discipline and expand their perspectives on their contribution toward humanity. They also develop and capitalize on skills necessary to their interpersonal, academic, and professional successes and community service interests through educational, developmental, and engagement activities.  The BEST Mentoring activities and experience focuses on:

  • Becoming a developmental, strength-based person
  • Creating strong and lasting mentoring relationships
  • Learning and understanding of mentoring processes, related strategies and challenges
  • Expanding ones relationship with self, others, community and environment
  • Building effective and diplomatic soft skills
  • Working on teamwork and peer leadership development
  • Networking and quantifying employable skills


  • Help provide an environment that is welcoming, affirming, and conducive to academic, personal, and professional growth and achievement.
  • Cultivate the importance and benefits of planning to graduate on time.
  • Establish rapport with your Mentee as an approachable, accessible and reliable resource.
  • Collaborate with Faculty, Staff, Alumni and campus community to better serve your mentee.
  • Create opportunities to engage with university and non-university academic, cultural, and social programs.
  • Participate in BEST Success Hour and Dish It Up Sessions.
  • Take advantage of interpersonal, professional or other developmental training opportunities when offered.
  • Participate in community engagement.
  • Know and follow university policies and procedures in case of emergency or crisis situations.
  • Be yourself and take pride in what you do.
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