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Office of Multicultural Affairs

Division of Student Life and Enrollment




Multicultural Expo

The Expo is an annual event that introduces incoming students to various student organizations, university departments, and faculty and staff members. Through culturally diverse entertainment, activities, and food, the event provides exposure to different cultures and promotes upcoming programs and events offered by the University and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The Expo includes many activities that are available for students to participate in such as calligraphy, origami, henna painting, cultural music and dancing.

Multicultural Showcase

The Multicultural Showcase introduces the campus and community to the various cultures represented at ETSU and in the surrounding community. Students model traditional attire from various countries, including some that are different from their own ethnicity. Over 15 cultures and ethnicities are represented in the program through attire, food, poetry, and music.

Unity Fest

Unity Fest is an annual and campus wide event that brings all students together to celebrate and appreciate each other. Many organizations participate to provide finger paints, calligraphy, and many other activities. The day is filled with fun, entertainment, and a smorgasbord of cultural foods. The festivity will include giveaways, novelties, interactive games, and live music.


Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon and Spring Festival

Hungama (Diwali)

African Night

Black History and Heritage

Hispanic Heritage


National Coming Out Vigil

World's AIDS Day

Open Mic and Spoken Word

Guest Lecturers  A variety of speakers are brought in throughout the academic year to share their experiences with the campus. Lecturers play an important role in the growth of the student body. Our speakers have included writer and teacher Nikki Giovanni, Hydeia Broadbent, a well known AIDS activist, Spike Lee, Dr. William H. Turner, Dr. Douglas Covington, Dr. Cameron Lippard, Jeffery Ryans, and Saul Williams. These are only a few of the many speakers that have empowered our campus community.

Dances and Parties Several dances and parties are held throughout the year to give students the chance to socialize and unite. Different types of music from a collection of artists are provided to entertain all students. An annual semi-formal dance is held in the spring semester, which other area colleges and universities are invited to attend.

Plays A variety of plays are offered throughout the year as an element to educate and entertain the student body. Some of the uplifting, educational, and hilarious productions that have been presented in the past include "Seven Sisters for Seven Quilts," "The Meeting," "Off Broadway: Auction Block to Hip Hop, "and "Ain't I a Woman."

Celebration of Cultural Diversity Month Each month, one cultural group is recognized and celebrated for their contributions to the history of our society. The Office of Multicultural Affairs recognizes these cultures through programs, speakers, parties, informative quizzes, and educational booths which are all hosted to promote cultural awareness as well as appreciation.

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