About Us

The mission of the SORC is to:

  • Enhance communication between student organizations and university staff

  • Improve collaboration and synergy between organizations and administrators in order to form partnerships and offer higher quality and better attended programs

  • Increase respect for the diversity of people and ideas at ETSU

  • Increase awareness of the range of student organizations, activities and available resources for all students

  • Strengthen communication, leadership, and organization skills for members of student organizations

  • Enhance visibility of student groups, their needs and their programs
    What resources are available for use?

The number one resource the SORC offers groups is access to other organizations in order to share resources, ideas and event plans.

Resources available to registered organizations include:

  • Computers with all types of software

  • Printers & Copiers (all sizes, black & white and color)

  • Fax machine

  • Poster-making machines

  • Markers, paints & die-cut machines

  • Paper folders, paper cutter, hole punchers and staplers

  • Storage space . . . and much more

Each registered organization is allotted 500 copies using black-and-white ink per month, as well as 100 color ink copies per semester. (Two sided printing does count as two copies).

Organizations can also come into Suite A in order to reserve a number of ways to advertise their organization.  We can help you: