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Chapter Assessment Program (CAP) Submission TablePicture of submission table from CAP Program

Chapter Assessment Program (CAP) .pdf


CAP Appendix A


CAP Appendix B


CAP Appendix B-2


FSL Active Member Roster Excel Form


Active Roster Submission Form:

     *Submit excel file (Active Member Roster Excel Form [found above]) by the 2nd IFC/NPC/NPHC meeting each semester. If you have new members, or will have them by Sept. 29, then please make sure that new members are reflected on the roster. If your fraternity or sorority adds new members after Sept. 29, you will need to either resubmit this roster with all of them on it, or submit another blank template with their information. *Reminder: Everyone who was on your roster last semester must also be on the current roster. For those who graduated or left school you must indicate the appropriate code for them in the status column. If someone graduated, disaffiliated, or left school I do not expect to have all of their information, just name and status. No person can disappear from the roster. Finally, please remember, once you submit a roster, you may only add members or potential new members to it. No one may change status until next semester.


Evidence of Programming (Leadership, Risk Management, Health and Wellness, Social Development, and Diversity Form:

     *Submit 24 hours after event. Use Appendix A: Programming Attendance Form from the CAP to submit program attendance. Also upload pictures, program flier, etc.


Evidence of Chapter Leadership Retreat Form:

     *Submit 1 week after leadership retreat. Use Appendix B and Appendix B-2 Forms from the CAP to submit evidence. Also upload pictures.


Community Service/Philanthropy Form:

     *Submit 24 hours after program. To submit information, click the link above, find and click your oganization's name, click the "Service Hours" tab, click "Manage Service Hours" tab. To submit pictures of the event, click the link above, find and click your oganization's name, click the "Gallery" tab, either upload to an existing album, or click "Create A New Album".


Ritual Training Form:

     *A letter written by whoever conducted the training should be created in a Word document discussing all training details, and should be submitted 24 hours after event.


Membership Education Plan:

     *Submit before bids are given out. Use Appendix A: Programming Attendance Form from the CAP, also submit program created by your organization.


Final Presentation - Schedule Final Presentation in person at least 2 weeks in advance (Due Dec 5th and April 15)

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