Community Values

The Four Pillars of Excellence


The number one priority of the fraternity and sorority community is the scholarship and academic well-being of active and new members alike. A myriad of academic resources are at hand in the fraternity and sorority community, be it a file of class reviews, or simply the experienced advice of an older member. Fraternities and sororities provide academic scholarships and other financial incentives to members and recruit faculty, staff and alumni/alumnae mentors for academic guidance. By continually utilizing and expanding the academic resources available to fraternities and sororities, ETSU's Greek community will continue to accomplish academic success.

Gamma Sigma Alpha
Theta Lambda Chapter at East Tennessee State University

GSAGamma Sigma Alpha National Academic Greek Honor Society (GSA) is the premier organization committed to the academic success of our members and alignment with the academic missions of our host institutions. Students are eligible for membership based on grade point average and membership in a Greek fraternity or sorority. The Society strives to uphold the high ideals of scholastic achievement and therefore, only students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above (on a 4.0 scale) at the start of their junior year or a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in any semester during their junior or senior year are eligible.
2013 - 2014 Officers
                Erika Love Wild
Vice President                 Sarah Willis
Secretary/Treasurer                Michelle Kelley
Advisor                Jeff Howard

 Spring 2014 Inductees: 

Brock Cooley   Lambda Chi Alpha Brittany Danielle Carter Kappa Delta 
Brandon P. Burgess   Sigma Alpha Epsilon Susan Elizabeth Chandler Kappa Delta 
Ryan Conley Orick   Sigma Alpha Epsilon Candace Hope Chatman  Kappa Delta 
Robert Millard Vance   Sigma Alpha Epsilon Elizabeth Jane Elrod  Kappa Delta 
Jackson Donald McCarthy   Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cheyenne Kathleen Martin  Kappa Delta 
Jordan Ashley Britton   Alpha Delta Pi  Lorren Brooke McCanless Kappa Delta 
Kara Ashley Brockwell   Alpha Delta Pi  Emilie A. McGuire Kappa Delta 
Emma Katherine Brooks   Alpha Delta Pi  Kallam E. McKay Kappa Delta 
Joanna Michelle Cannata   Alpha Delta Pi  Jennifer Lauren Morgan  Kappa Delta 
Megan Parry Devin    Alpha Delta Pi  Maria Pia Panozzo  Kappa Delta 
Ragan Alexandria Dunn   Alpha Delta Pi  Candace Nicole Swafford Kappa Delta 
Hannah Katherine Edmonds   Alpha Delta Pi  Jordan Ashlee Brian  Kappa Delta 
Ashley Hope Hamilton   Alpha Delta Pi  Emily Claire Davis  Sigma Kappa  
Audrey Ruth Leonard   Alpha Delta Pi  Ashley Lynne Hall  Sigma Kappa 
Katherine Lynn Massa   Alpha Delta Pi  Kaley Kathryn Hembree  Sigma Kappa
Victoria Marie Montgomery    Alpha Delta Pi  Jessica Adelle Lambert  Sigma Kappa 
Blakely N. Pond    Alpha Delta Pi  Alicia Jeanene Lebow  Sigma Kappa 
Katherine Elizabeth Smith    Alpha Delta Pi  Courtney Leeanna Myers  Sigma Kappa 
Treonna Bridgeman    Alpha Kappa Alpha  Savannah Wynd O'Keefe  Sigma Kappa 
Kelsey Robin King-Hook   Alpha Xi Delta  Alexis Suzette Starr Sigma Kappa 
Haley Kathryn Hawks    Alpha Xi Delta  Nicole Elizabeth Wenger  Sigma Kappa 

Fall 2013 Inductees:

Emilee Engelhaupt   Alpha Delta Pi    
Logan Herrick   Alpha Delta Pi    
Amanda Murr   Alpha Delta Pi    
Lauren Light   Alpha Delta Pi    
Andie Stone   Alpha Delta Pi    
Mary Fowler   Alpha Xi Delta    
Michelle Crane   Kappa Delta    
Kathryn Patterson   Kappa Delta    
Jennifer Wislon   Kappa Delta    
Brittany Thomas   Sigma Kappa    

Spring 2013 Inductees:

Brensinsky Aiko   Lambda Chi Alpha     
Caleb Brien   Sigma Alpha Epsilon    
Mary Kate Haldeman    Kappa Delta    
Adam C. Jarvis   Kappa Sigma    
Michelle Kelly   Kappa Delta    
Ryan Pangburn   Alpha Delta Pi    
Sarah Phelphs    Alpha Delta Pi    
Eric Whetsel   Sigma Alpha Epsilon    
Sarah Willis   Alpha Delta Pi    

Fall 2012 Inductees:

Samantha Bailey   Sigma Kappa    
Cassie Bivens   Kappa Delta    
Jeff Cogburn   Lambda Chi Alpha    
Chelsea Gondek   Alpha Delta Pi    
Josh Lawson   Sigma Alpha Epsilon    
Ethan Odineal   Sigma Chi    
Jessica Owens   Alpha Delta Pi    
Paige Reed   Alpha Delta Pi    
Matthew Rhoten   Sigma Phi Epsilon    
Katherine Smith   Alpha Delta Pi    
Erika Wild   Alpha Delta Pi    


Leadership & Campus Involvement

From the Student Government Association (SGA) to Volunteer ETSU to intramural sports, well over 50 percent of the Greek community is involved in other student activities and organizations outsideof Fraternity and Sorority Life. Many of these students hold high leadership positions and expand their opportunities to interact with other students, faculty, and staff in their everyday lives.

2013 Who's Who Recipients

Elyssa Champion Kappa Delta
Tiffany Hensley Kappa Delta
Adam C. Jarvis Kappa Sigma
Leah Tilson Sigma Kappa
Erika Wild Alpha Delta Pi

Service and Philanthropy

From monetary donations to over 15,000 hours of hands-on community service, the ETSU Greek community prides itself on the charitable work it performs for Johnson City/Washington County, surrounding areas, and the nation. Last year, Greeks participated in fund-raisers which provided more than $50,000 to organizations including the American Cancer Society, Children's Advocacy Center of Sullivan County, Children's Miracle Network, Ronald McDonald House, and Speedway Children's Charities among others.

 Sisterhood and Brotherhood

Fraternities and sororities promote intimate relationship bonds and members typically refer to fellow members as "brothers" and "sisters." It is common for these groups to organize weekend retreats, alumni gatherings, and other opportunities to build friendships and camaraderie among all members. The social interaction that the Greek community provides its members serves as an arena to meet students and interact in a relaxed atmosphere.


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