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Alternative Breaks

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Alternative Break Experiences

Alternative Break Experiences 2019

The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement is proud to offer seven Alternative Break experiences! Each break provides an opportunity for students to learn and gain a better understanding of the specific social justice issues listed below. Teams will perform a variety of educational and service activities throughout their trips. Currently experiences range from $150-300. This cost will cover meals, housing, transportation, and service. 

 Ready to join an experience? Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis. Complete the application here, spots are filling up!


Focus: Immigration & Refugee Resettlement
Various Community Partners
Atlanta, GA

Participants will volunteer alongside different organizations that serve immigrants and refugees of all ages. As a participant you will gain insight of the difficulties these marginalized groups face, and learn how community organizations help alleviate their transition into American society.


Focus: Criminal Justice & Prison Reform
Various Community Partners
Chicago, IL

In the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, participants will experience firsthand how youth are incorporated into the criminal justice system. Participants will be able to experience and recognize the positive effects of empowering youth to pursue education, grow in their professional development, and have the opportunity to be influenced by a positive community.


Focus: Religious Pluralism
Various Community Partners
Washington, D.C.

Students will serve alongside community partners of different faiths in a variety of activities, exploring how faith can influence everything from public policy to healthcare. Through service, we will explore the diversity of our nation's Capital and underscore that even with the rise of nationalism and hate speech, we can come together.


Focus: Human Trafficking
Various Community Partners
Greenville, SC

Greenville, South Carolina serves as the midway point between two major human trafficking sites, Atlanta and Charlotte. In Greenville, students will engage with organizations who focus on educating people about human trafficking and supporting victims of human trafficking as they reintegrate back into society. It’s time to debunk these beliefs and take this issue on at face value.


Focus: Health & Harm Reduction
Various Community Partners
Scott County, IN

In Scott County, Indiana students will gain insight into the opioid epidemic along with the ways the public health community are addressing it through education, prevention, and harm reduction efforts. Through this experience, students will partner with several different organizations that work with the community in efforts to meet the needs of families impacted by the opioid epidemic.


Focus: Policy & Social Justice
Various Community Partners
Nashville, TN

In our state’s capital, Nashville, students will have the opportunity to interact with legislators on a host of topics dealing with public policy, such as health care and urban development. Alongside the service component of the trip, students will understand the creation of legislation, its far reaching impact on our lives, and will learn the importance of political activism in the influence of legislation.


Focus: Environmental Conservation
Various Community Partners
New Orleans, LA

Originally established in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Common Ground Relief is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The organization now focuses on creating environmentally sustainable Gulf Coast communities and preserving Louisiana’s disappearing coastal wetlands. We will be working with wetland restoration efforts by helping to plant trees and other vegetation in the areas that need it most.

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