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Alternative Breaks

Community Service Programs


Interested in participating in Alternative Break or becoming a leader in the Alternative Breaks Program? You'll find the answers to some of your questions below.  If we do not answer all your questions please send us an email at


The Experience

Actively participate in education surrounding a specific social justice issue and prepare for on-site service. Activities include team building, setting goals and expectations, orientation, training, and pre-break service.

Engage in strong direct service with a community partner agency, looking critically at the root causes of social issues. Activities include service, ongoing education, community involvement, and daily reflection.

Find avenues for continued community involvement, as you find yourself a more thoughtful, conscientious, and committed citizen. Activities include debriefing, reflection, reorientation, continued education, advocacy, philanthropy, and post-break service.

The Opportunities

Student participants bring their own unique insights and experiences to Alternative Breaks, enriching the experience for everyone.

Site Leaders
Students may also apply to be Site Leaders, who are responsible for creating a cohesive group dynamic among

participants and for leading group reflections during the trip. Site leaders also lead pre- and post-trip meetings and coordinate trip logistics.

Learning Partners
Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants have the opportunity to serve as Learning Partners, who support and help facilitate pre-trip education and post-trip reflection surrounding a social justice issue and participate alongside students in the active service experience.

The Details

How much does it cost?
Breaks range from $200 - $400. Cost includes transportation, most meals, and the activities throughout the trip. Fall Break experiences are usually less expensive because they are shorter.

Where will we go?
Break locations are organized by the Leadership Team and can vary from year to year. Housing is provided by either the agency partner or a local community center or church near the Break site. These locations include bath-room, shower, and kitchen facilities. Participants usually provide their own bedding. Teams will carpool to the site location

What will we eat?
Site Leaders will organize the meal schedule, and all participants will contribute to cooking and cleaning for the group. Make sure to alert your site leaders to any dietary restrictions you may have so that your team can plan accordingly.

How do I apply?
Applications can be found and submitted online through Alternative Break’s Buc-Hub page and on ETSU’s Office of Community

The Leadership Team
The Alternative Breaks Program at ETSU offers several opportunities for student leadership development, including membership on the Executive Board, coordinator positions, and Site Leader positions for both fall and spring break. Selected student leaders will also have the opportunity to participate in training and professional development over the course of their term of service.



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