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Lactation Suite Policy
  1.  For access, please visit the University Center Office located on the second floor of the D. P. Culp University Center (423-439-4286). (Please see campus map).

  2.  For regular use, you will need to register in order to have ID card access to the suite. ID access is for your use only. Do not give your card to anyone else to use. Visitors to campus / non-students may gain access to the suite by visiting or calling the University Center Office.

  3.  Please be considerate of others. The average pump time may last up to 30 minutes; please do not go over the allotted time.

  4.  The Lactation Suite is on a first come, first serve basis. Please change the occupation sign on the door during use to inform others that the room is taken, and please change it back when leaving.
  5.  Ice is provided for your storage bag, but you are responsible for bringing your own storage containers and supplies. Please do not leave personal belongings in the suite.

  6.  In order for the room to be sanitary, safe, and clean for all users, you will need to clean up after each use. Cleaning supplies are provided in the room. Make sure all waste is disposed of and surfaces are wiped clean.

  7.  Make sure lights and television are turned off prior to leaving.

  8.  Please contact University Center at 423-439-4286 for any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have about the lactation suite.


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