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Sustainability Actions

ETSU Sustainability


Reusable Shopping BagYou can have a significant impact on the types of products manufactured just by buying certain products and not buying others. Feel good about the types of industries and businesses your purchases support. Here are some ideas for smart shopping:


Buy less stuff – This is the best way to keep items out of the waste stream...and out of your house! Most items require a significant amount of energy and resources in their production. Buying less reduces your consumption of energy and resources used in designing, manufacturing, and transporting a product.

Purchase items that come with minimal packaging.

Buy in bulk when possible – this will cut down on the amount of packaging you consume.

Shop for quality instead of quantity. Buy durable items that will last a long time.

Avoid purchasing individually wrapped snacks, drinks, etc.

Buy local. Buying locally sourced goods promotes a healthy local economy and reduces fuel consumption from the transportation of goods.

Shop at thrift stores to promote reuse of goods.

Bring your own bag when shopping at any grocery or convenience store. The average person uses 500 plastic bags per year!

Purchase products with eco-friendly labeling. The following are some commonly used labels you may encounter: Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic, Forest Stewardship Council, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Not Tested on Animals

Purchase fair trade products. This ensures that the producers of the product were paid fair wages for their work and were operating under good social and environmental conditions.

Purchase products with recycled content.



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