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Campus Sustainability Fee

ETSU Sustainability

University Woods Pavilion

Since 2008, the Campus Sustainability Fee (CSF) has been used to support a variety of sustainability related projects and initiatives on campus, ranging from installations of motion sensor lighting and hydration stations to the development of the ETSU Recycling Center and the ETSU Buc Bikes program. This $8 per semester student fee goes a long way to enhance sustainability on our campus.

Each fall, faculty, staff, and students may submit proposals to request funding from the CSF. Proposals are reviewed by the CSF Committee and are evaluated in terms of project feasibility, approximate budget, benefit to the university, and the project's level of involvement with student engagement and learning.

Proposals submitted for CSF funding should focus on topics such as energy and water conservation, environmental/sustainability education, recycling, etc.


Campus Sustainability Fee Committee

Reports to: The President of the University. Per the ETSU organizational chart and TBR guidelines, Facilities Management has been designated as the responsible organization for the administration of the Campus Sustainability Fee.


Charge:  Develop a decision making and reporting structure to establish on an annual basis:

(1)  Approval of on-campus sustainability initiatives including all projects with designated funding amounts.

(2)  Preparation of reports detailing all expenditures and the related goals and accomplishments of each expenditure.

(3)  Development of policy to insure adherence to TBR Guideline B-065, Guidelines for a Sustainable Campus Fee Program.

(4)  Evaluation of the validity of the fee and the appropriateness of the fee amount, and recommend any adjustments to the fee.

(5)  Meet at least (2) times per semester.


Committee Members: One year appointment with no term limits

7 Voting Members

(4) Students
(3) Faculty/Staff

2 Non-Voting Members

(1) Chairperson 
(1) Facilities staff member 



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