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Campus Projects and Actions

ETSU Sustainability

Waste management at ETSU is handled in a number of ways. One of the major ways we do this is through recycling. The university's recycling efforts have diverted large amounts of waste from the landfill.


Recyclable Dumpsters

Where Can You Recycle?

Recycling is collected at various locations across campus

In buildings, look for bins in hallways. Recycling bins are also located outside along walkways. Cardboard can be recycled in specially marked dumpsters.

Some items - such as glass, printer cartridges, and batteries – must be brought to the ETSU Recycling Center (located in the warehouse behind Buc Ridge housing - view map for directions) or picked up by recycling staff. Call the Facilities office at 439-7900 for pick-up. Also call for pick-up if you have an unusually large amount of material to be recycled. For a complete list of what can be recycled and where to recycle on campus, view the  Campus Recycling page.




eed More Bins?Recyclable Dumpster 2

Please submit a work order

For additional bins submit a work order on the TMA I Service Desk.

For more information concerning drop-off points or material pick-up, contact the Department of Sustainability at 439-7766.


Additional Waste Efforts


New Recycling Initiative in Campus Offices

Many faculty and staff offices are equipped with individual recycling bins and "minibin" waste bins. The minibins are much smaller than the recycling bins, providing a visual cue that indicates that a high percentage of all waste can be recycled. Faculty and staff empty these bins at a self-service waste disposal station located in central areas in their office or workspace. As everyone is more aware of what they are recycling and what they are throwing away, less waste is sent to the landfill. After implementation of the minibin system, recycling rates have increased as much as 40% in participating buildings.



Recycling in Residence Hallsrecycling bin

Student residents are provided with small recycling bin carriers that may be used to store recyclables in their room. When full, they are to be emptied into any of the self-service recycling stations on campus.



trayless dining

Trayless Dining in the Market Place

The Market Place cafeteria converted to a trayless dining system in 2012. Customers carry the individual plates and bowls without the use of a tray. In this way, food waste is reduced as customers are less likely to take more food than they can eat.



Campus Move-OutDrop It Don't Toss It

Each spring, the Campus Move-Out initiative keeps a large amount of materials out of the waste stream. Resident students are encouraged to donate any unwanted items (such as bedding, unopened/non-perishable food, school supplies, etc.) to local charities. Collection boxes for donated items are placed in the lobby of each residence hall at the end of the spring semester. Larger items may be left at designated areas beside residence hall dumpsters.




PASTA Program

Providing Area Schools with Technical Assistance (PASTA) is a program that, among other services, helps to reduce e-waste generated by the university by relocating old computers to area schools as the computers on campus are upgraded. This keeps computers that are no longer needed out of the waste stream. PASTA also pairs students with public schools in order to provide the schools with technical assistance. The program is run by the Computer and Information Sciences Department. Visit the PASTA website at


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