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ETSU Sustainability

Facilities Management


ETSU Sustainability has partnered with on and off campus constituents to study a variety of environmental/sustainability related campus features, ranging from energy use to identification of sustainability course offerings. Below you will find information on our most recent efforts in sustainability research.

Throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, eight student interns conducted supervised research with grant funding from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) EnergyRight Solutions for Higher Education program. Each research project focused on a particular aspect of energy use on campus.


Interns were instructed to identify opportunities for energy reduction on campus following an initial examination of energy use amounts and occupants' habits in specified buildings. Review their project reports below.

ETSU Market Place

Intern Scott Finney's project involved an energy audit of the Market Place cafeteria in the D.P. Culp Center. Finney also completed an evaluation of optimal locations for the placement of photovoltaic systems on campus. View the cafeteria audit full report or the photovoltaic systems full report.

Earth Day Energy Pledge
An energy audit of offices on campus was conducted by intern Rebecca Bouldin. Recommendations for energy reduction were given for the offices that were audited. View the full report.

Intern Cindy Xu surveyed students about their frequency of participation in sustainable actions in order to identify opportunities for energy reduction through education. She and intern Rebecca Bouldin also participated in the ETSU Earth Day Festival in order to raise awareness about the positive impact of energy savings. View the full report

ETSU resident students participated in the Campus Conservation Nationals competition. This is the largest electricity and water reduction competition for colleges and universities in the world. In order to track the results of the competition, intern Emmitt Begley obtained data from residence hall building meters and input it into the Lucid Dashboard system. View the full report.



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