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ETSU Sustainability

The ETSU Recycling Center is now located at its permanent location in the warehouse behind Buc Ridge housing. Self-service bins are provided at the new location. View map for directions. Click on the "Campus Recycling" tab to your left for a list of items that can be recycled. 



The ETSU Recycling Center has been helping the community become a greener place to live since 2008 by recycling plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, and various other items. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2008, the total amount of recycled material was 122 tons.

Recycling Department Vision/Goal:

Our vision is to utilize the recycling center as a hands-on classroom, a place to educate our community in responsible recycling habits and to provide ample opportunity for hands-on participation and learning for students, service learning groups, and community volunteers.

Our goal is to provide a safe, lean, and convenient location for the collection and separation of the waste stream for our employees and for the general community and to increase recycling and reuse by providing more opportunities for expanding our recycling product types and finding alternative uses for products.
With increased emphasis and participation, FY 2010 was a record year with over 281 tons of materials being recycled. The material with the greatest increase in recycling was paper with an increase of 57.1 tons over 2008 amounts. This 57.1 tons of paper is equivalent to saving 262.66 cubic yards of landfill space, 970 trees, or 21,698 gallons of oil.

In 2010, ETSU's annual per person recycling rate was 33.1 pounds. This number was achieved by ETSU's students, faculty, and staff taking the idea of green living into their own hands by bringing recyclable materials from home to ETSU's on-campus recycling center, placing paper recycling containers in their offices, participating in on campus events such as RecycleMania, and placing recyclable materials in the recycling bins that are scattered throughout the campus's buildings and grounds.

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