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ETSU Sustainability

The ETSU Recycling Center is now located at its permanent location in the warehouse behind Buc Ridge housing. Self-service bins are provided at the new location. View map for directions.

What Can be Recycled on Campus?

The following items can be recycled at any self-service recycling station on campus:

 Item                                                     Item Examples  

 All plastics #1 - 7                                      Plastic bottles, jugs, containers, etc.

 Plastic wraps, films & bags                      Plastic grocery bags, bread bags, newspaper covers, etc.

 Aluminum and steel cans, lids & pans     Soda cans, empty food cans (including lids), aluminum pans, etc.

 All types of paper & paperboard              Post-Its, computer paper, cereal boxes, magazines, newspaper, etc.

Aluminum and metal cans   Plastic bottlesPaper Recycling  


Special Recycling Items

The following items can be recycled at the ETSU Recycling Center only (for pick-up, call 439-7900):

  • glass
  • cfl bulbs
  • computer equipment
  • techno-trash
  • printer ink cartridges
  • batteries

         For cardboard and shredded paper:

  • Flatten cardboard and place next to recycling bins or place in marked dumpsters
  • Empty pizza boxes are acceptable!
  • Put shredded paper in clear plastic and place next to waste disposal/recycling stations

What Cannot be Recycled?

  • Styrofoam containers
  • laminated paper
  • napkins/paper towels
  • Saran wrap
  • metal binders
  • foil snack packaging
  • items with food residue
  • compostable containers
  • ceramics, mirrors, windows, Pyrex
  • incandescent light bulbs


For more resources about recycling at ETSU, click on the links below:


         Recycling Handouts                        Recycling Poster                   Minibin Brochure (for faculty and staff)

Recycle at ETSU Handouts         Recycle at ETSU  poster          Minibin Brochure

           Recycling Magnet

 Call 439-7766 if you would like a 
  magnet for your room or office!

Recycling Magnet


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