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Tennessee Intervention for Pregnant Smokers

East Tennessee State University

Alcohol & Other Drugs


When you're pregnant, your baby drinks, eats, and gets exposed to everything you do.  Alcohol and other drugs are no exception. Even beer and wine can hurt your unborn baby. When you drink a glass, it goes into your bloodstream and then to your baby. There is no known safe level of alcohol for pregnant women. Children whose mothers drink can be born very small, have trouble eating, sleeping, learning and paying attention. Some may even need lifelong medical care.  Alcohol exposure during pregnancy is the leading cause of mental retardation, and can even cause birth defects and death. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a very unfortunate and PREVENTABLE effect on babies--don't let this happen to your baby.

Read A Message to Women from the U.S. Surgeon General:
Advisory on Alcohol Use in Pregnancy

Other drugs can also affect your pregnancy and your baby:




severe bleeding, preterm birth, death of baby and mother, placental abruption


low birthweight, behavioral and attentional problems, life long health problems


preterm birth, fetal death, addiction in the baby, stunted growth


babies exposed will be small and have poor muscle control, behavioral and learning problems, and birth defects

Glues and Solvents

babies exposed will have a small head, short height, low weight, problems with joints and limbs, abnormal facial features, heart defects


the baby does not get enough nutrients causing placental abruption or even death


changes in mood, sleep problems and loss of appetite to the mother; the baby may have long term memory and learning problems

Deciding to stop drinking and using drugs will protect your baby's future and prevent irreversible problems.

PLEASE act now!

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