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TN eCampus

East Tennessee State University

TN eCampus Registration

Determine Your Eligibility 

  1. Ensure that you’re a current ETSU student. If not, you may apply to ETSU as a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking (visiting) student.

  2. Once accepted, you’ll locate the specific section (course) you wish to take. Keep in mind that all TNeCampus courses appear as ‘closed’ and are marked with an ‘R’ in the section number. For example, MATH 1420 would have a section of R50. Copy down the CRN for the course. The CRN is a 5-digit code attached to the course. Spring course CRNs begin with a “1.”

Request A Course Permit

  1. Next, request a permit for this course. You’ll need the CRN from step 2 here.

  2. I’ll email you a confirmation once your permit has been placed. After receiving this confirmation, follow the steps outlined on this page. Note that the course will always display as closed.

  3. Next, after you’ve registered for the course, you’ll need to pay for the course.

Register for a TNeCampus Course

TNeCampus courses require a permit not because the course is full, but because there are some significant differences between the TNeCampus course and a traditional ETSU online course. While you still receive ETSU credit for the course, course materials will not be delivered via the ETSU D2L learning environment. Instead, you will access a completely different D2L site using a separate user name and password to retrieve your TNeCampus course content.

If you're interested in taking a TNeCampus course, you must complete the TNeCampus Permit Request Form. Then, after you receive a confirmation email indicating that a TNeCampus permit has been issued, follow these steps to successfully register for the permitted TNeCampus course.


  1. Login to Goldlink.
  2. Select the Add or Drop Classesoption within the Registration Tools widget.
  3. Select the appropriate Term.
  4. Enter the CRN(s) in the textbox(es) provided on this worksheet.
  5. Click Submit Changes.

Note that the status of "Closed" will not change because a permit has been issued.


Participate in your TNeCampus Course

  1. On the first day of classes, you’ll visit to begin your TNeCampus course. Note that this website is different from the ETSU D2L site. As such, you’ll need a separate username and password. Both credentials are described on the login screen. 
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