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Declare Major

What is a Major and how do you determine your major?

Choosing your major will be one of the most important academic decisions you will make in college.

A Major is a group of Required Courses that are related to a particular academic area. For some students, choosing a major is a relatively easy decision. For others, choosing a major requires more time and thought. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly. You will find that some investigation of your personal goals, interests, abilities, and careful consideration of alternative fields and employment opportunities will lead to a good choice for you. Changing to and from different majors may delay your progress toward graduation, so early planning is advised.

Students are encouraged to declare a major before earning 60 credits and encumbered on registering after 90 credits. All students are required to complete the General Education Core Requirements.

What does it mean to change a major?

Changing a major means that a student has made a decision regarding academic and career interests.

Most students change majors at least once. You should discuss your decision with your advisor, in order to avoid taking coursework not compatible with your major decision.

Whenever you change your major, be mindful of the fact that you may be required to take additional coursework in the new major. For information regarding major course requirements refer to your catalog.

An Undergraduate Change Of Major Form is available in the main office of your new major or in the Office of the Registrar, Burgin E. Dossett Hall, Room 101. You are required to take this form to the advisement coordinator of your new major so that the process may take place.

Changing your major means that you must complete an Undergraduate Change of Major Form to officially change university documents and to transfer your advisement records to the department of your new major.

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