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Useful Links

Note: Off-site links will open in a new browser window if your browser is capable of doing that. Inclusion of off-site links should not be considered an endorsement of any product offers nor any guarantee of accuracy of information presented. If you find any broken links, or have other suggestions, please e-mail the webmaster using the link at the bottom of the page.


Coping with Math Anxiety --a mini-text with a definition, information about the roots of math anxiety, and how to overcome it.

General Study Tips for Math

Study Tips for Math from actual ETSU developmental math students.

One Student's Tips --a really good essay from one ETSU student.

Math Content Sites

Algebra Lab has interactive lessons on algebra and higher classes. 

Professor Freedman's Math Help has tutorials in developmental math written by students in those courses. It also has information on math anxiety, learning styles and study skills.

PurpleMath -- Free online algebra resource. Includes homework guidelines, study skills, and modules for several algebra topics. Includes explanations and examples.

SOS Math is not quite as user friendly as some of the other sites, but does cover a wide variety of topics and goes way beyond basic algebra and into calculus and higher courses.

Math Expression is another math tutorial site. It has the disadvantage of having a fair number of advertisements all over each page.

Math TV is a website that has videos that cover many of the same types of problems that you encounter in your course. On the left side, look under algebra (you may have to click on the word to expand that topic) and then click on a larger topic (which are similar to the titles of our chapters). Below that you'll see a number of sample problems, and each problem is usually worked out by several different students on the video screen on the right. Click on the student's name or picture to see the video. There ads at the bottom of the video screen, but you can click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the ad to get rid of them.

James Brennan's Online Algebra Textbook has good explanatory text, with examples, but no exercises.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies contains some tutorials, worksheets, and user forums about various math topics.

Another site with videos is BrightStorm:

Other Useful Tools

Graph paper you can print out (PDF file--requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)--lines are 5 mm apart.


Strunk's Elements of Style

Merriam-Webster's Online Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus

Learning Strategies and General

General Learning Strategies

Standardized Test Preparation -- A site with practice tests for the ACT, GRE, and other such tests.

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