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University Advisement Center

East Tennessee State University

Virtual Advising Toolkit

Toolkit for Advising Online

In response to the University's decision to suspend in-person meetings, we have compiled the following information and resources that might be helpful when moving advising services online. If you and your offices have additional resources or diferent processes that are working well please consider sharing them with the rest of campus. This webpage is meant as a way for all advising staff to stay connected during these unprecedented times. Staying connected and supporting each other can help ensure that our students are successful through these transitions. 


 Who To Contact?

College Leads or Coordinators

Arts and Sciences                       Martha Edde                

Business and Technology          Debbie Roach              

Clemmer                                      Joel Tramel                   

Clinical and Rehabilitative         Megan Roberts             

Continuing Studies                     Lindsey Campbell         

Nursing                                        Karen Hirst                   

Public Health                               Taylor Dula                     

UAC                                              Stacy Onks                    

                                                                                             UAC Virtual Office


Learning Support Permits

Visit the UAC Virtual Office through Zoom or email Dr. Stacy Onks ()

Arts & Sciences Class Permits

Contact Academic Departments (via main number). For emergencies and final backup resource, email Martha Edde ().

International Students

  • English - contact Diana Qualls at 423-439-4339
  • History 2010 002- Email Dr. Antkiewicz at (


Late Drop Forms

Deans and specified designees should use their discretion when reviewing/approving late drops for courses for spring 2020.  The deans or designees are not required to have students complete late drop form.  They may utilize email correspondence with instructors and students as needed.  Dean/designee may submit final approval for late drop to Registrar’s Office via email.  (note spelling). 


Tutorials and Resources

Setting up Zoom

Setting up Zoom 

Zoom video conferencing software can be used to advise students from a distance. 

  • Setting up Waiting Room (video pending....)
  • Scheduling A Meeting (video tutorial)
    • If you do not want to schedule a new meeting every time you have an appointment, you can set the meeting up as a "recurring meeting." This would allow you to have one link to send to students. 
  • Sharing your Screen and Annotating (video tutorial)

 Additional Tutorials for Zoom can be found through the ITS Help Desk here.


Setting up Google Voice


If you want to have phone appointments with students, but do not want to give our your personal phone number, you can use Google Voice to connect your phone number to a different number. You can then use an application of your phone or tablet, or the web to call your students. 


Registration Tools to help students

These resources are from the Office of Registrar's:


Possible Advisement Process Workflows:

Advising by Appointment Only
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Drop-In Advising
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