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Center for Academic Achievement

Online Help

Real-Time, Online Writing Tutoring Appointments With CFAA Staff:

SCHEDULING an online tutoring appointment:

  1. Locate the CFAA's scheduling system at If you already have an account with us, log in using your ETSU email adress and the password you created. (If you do not have an account, you will need to click on the blue link that says "Click here to register." Completely fill in the form and click "Register." Once you have created your account, you may log in to view the tutoring schedule.)
  2. To locate an appointment with a tutor in your desired subject, use the "Limit to" drop-down menu at the top of the schedule. For example, if you want an online writing appointment, you will scroll down and select "Writing-ONLINE Tutoring." This will narrow the schedule down to only the tutors who can tutor writing ONLINE. 
  3. Find an open slot that works with your schedule. (White blocks = available appointments; light blue blocks = appointments that have already been reserved; dark blue/purple blocks = times when the tutor is unavailable.) Each small block equals 15 minutes. Tutoring appointments must be between 45 minutes (3 blocks) and 60 minutes (4 blocks) so adequate progress can be made during the session. 
  4. When you have found an appointment time that works for you, click on the first white block of the desired appointment time. This will bring up a new window with an appointment form. Select the desired time you want the appointment to last (1:00-1:45; 4:00-5:00, etc.). If you want an ONLINE appointment, you will need to select "Yes, Meet ONLINE" in the "Meet ONLINE?" box. (If you do not select this option, your tutor will be expecting you to show up in person.) Select you course from the drop-down menu, fill in your instructor, and specify what you will be working on during the session. The more details you can provide, the better your tutor will be able to assist you. For example, "writing" is not a good description, but "10 page MLA research paper" is much better. Once you have completed the form, be sure to click the "Save Appointment" button. 
  5. If you have successfully completed the process, you should be able to see and click your appointment on the main scheduling screen. If you need assistance, please call (423) 439-7111 or email

ACCESSING your online tutoring appointment:

  1. Once you have made an online tutoring appointment, you will be able to access your appointment by logging in to the CFAA's online scheduling system at We suggest that you log in to your session a few minutes early so you can have everything ready to go when the tutor logs in. 
  2. Locate the day and time of your appointment and click on it. (It should be a different color than the rest of the blocks on the screen.) This will open a new window with your appointment information. 
  3. About half way down the page you will see a red link that says, "Start or Join Online Consultation." Click this link to open the online tutoring platform. (The system works best in Firefox or Google Chrome; it can sometimes be problematic in Internet Explorer.) 
  4. Once the consultation window is open, you will see instructions for copying and pasting or uploading your paper into the large white box on the left side of the screen. We typically use copy and paste. The box along the right sideof the screen is a chat window that you may use to talk back and forth with your tutor. We only have one phone line in the tutoring center, so it is preferred that you utilize this online chat option as opposed to telephoning the center to speak with your tutor. 
  5. Online tutoring requires interaction. We do not simply proofread papers because we want you to learn something from your tutoring session and help improve your skills. Students who fail to participate will not receive assitance with their papers. 

Online tutoring is a great option for people who are not located near campus. However, due to the platform we use, we cannot help with overall formatting issues (margins, running headers, spacing, etc.) because our system does not allow us to view those options. We can still assist with all other concerns like grammar, punctuation, organization, citations, etc. 

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