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ETSU Testing Center

Center for Academic Achievement

Access and Tech Issues

D2L Access and Technical Problems

Responses to other forms of testing system disruption (system-wide technical issues, D2L outages, power outages, etc.) must depend upon the severity and duration of the disruption, as well as how many test-takers are affected. Thankfully, technical problems in the CFAA have become less frequent each year, and we work with our colleagues in Information Technology Services (ITS: University hardware and networks) and Academic Technology Services (ATS: online instruction, D2L) to stay abreast of changes and updates that may affect our course testing services. The variety of problems we have experienced, however, have allowed us to develop policies for responding to the likeliest situations:

Problem:  D2L Freezes or Computer Powers Off During Testing Attempt

CFAA Response:  If the student's progress on the testing attempt was saved, CFAA staff members will allow the student to move to another testing station to resume the assessment. If the student does not wish to resume testing at another station, for whatever reason (e.g. time lost, time pressure, etc.), they can leave the testing area after viewing and signing the Incident Report. If student's progress was not saved on their attempt, but the student feels sufficient time remains for them to start over, they will be permitted to do so. If they choose to leave, they can do so after viewing and signing the Incident Report. The Incident Report will be sent to the appropriate instructor ASAP and copied to the Testing Coordinator. It is the instructor's responsibility to decide whether, and when, the student may resume or re-take the test, and to communicate with the student and the Testing Coordinator to facilitate scheduling a Make-Up and a new testing appointment in the CFAA.

If three or more students are affected by this problem within any one-hour period, it will be considered an "intermittent access" issue. ITS and/or ATS will be notified.

Problem:  D2L/Net Access is Intermittent

CFAA Response: Instructors of all tests scheduled for that day will be notified and asked whether they would like us to suspend testing for their class or allow students who wish to test to do so. Until we hear back from instructors, all students arriving for testing appointments will be advised that we have determined that our access to D2L is intermittent and they have the choice of either attempting to test right now, or cancelling their appointment and rescheduling to test later. It is the responsibility of instructors to contact their students and make them aware of their decision.

At this point, ITS and or ATS will be working with CFAA staff to determine and/or solve the problem.

Problem:  D2L /Net Temporarily Unavailable (up to one day)

CFAA Response:  If D2L/Internet access is temporarily unavailable (determined through consultation between CFAA, ATS and ITS staff), we will notify instructors with classes testing that day and halt testing until consistent access is re-established. It is up to instructors to (1) decide whether to extend their tests for an additional day (recommended) and have all students who have yet to test reschedule, or (2) if the problem is likely to be corrected within a foreseeable timespan, ask that CFAA staff cancel only the testing appointments that are the most likely to be affected, in hopes that the technical issues will be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. If the instructor can't be reached for a decision, we will implement option (2) until asked to do otherwise. It is the responsibility of the instructor to communicate with their students regarding their decisions and contingency plans.

Problem:  No D2L /Net Access (for two or more days)

CFAA Response:  In very rare cases, D2L has been unavailable in the testing area for two or more days at a time. If this ever happens again, we will notify instructors with classes testing on the affected days, as well as those on subsequent, likely-to-be-affected days. We will work with faculty to develop appropriate plans involving rescheduling and/or alternate venues for testing. It is up to each affected instructor to decide whether to keep their current assessment in the CFAA for proctoring, and wait out the technical issues until ITS has them corrected, or to cancel and select an alternate venue or method for proctoring. CFAA staff will assist however possible in finding an alternative location or proctoring method that works best for you. It is the responsibility of the instructor to communicate with their students regarding their decisions and contingency plans.

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