What tests are offered in Testing Services?

Testing Services offers a number of tests through vendors like Educational Testing Service (ETS), the College Board, and others. Go here for a full listing of tests that can be taken in our center. Follow the links for further information.

Do you proctor exams for other institutions?

Yes. Testing Services proctors exams for other organizations, colleges, and universities. For instructions and request forms, go here.

What is the cost to have a non-ETSU test proctored?

Currently, the proctoring fee for non-ETSU tests is $20 per hour, or any part of an hour. This is payable in cash or check upon completion of the test.

Do you only proctor computer exams?

We can proctor paper/pencil or computer-based tests for outside institutions. For more details, go here.

How will I know when to come and take my exam?

After Testing Services makes contact with your institution or instructor, you will receive a call from us to schedule your test and provide any information you will need to know prior to the test administration.

Will I be required to show identification?

Everyone coming to take a proctored test is required to show identification that bears a photo and signature. The institution you are taking the test for may also require specific kinds of information that you must provide. Make sure you know what the identification requirements are before coming to take ANY test in Testing Services.

What if I arrive late for my appointment?

We will not administer a proctored test to any non-ETSU student who is more than 30 minutes late.

ETSU students, please see the information under "Students" regarding late arrivals.