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Undergraduate Education

East Tennessee State University

VP Message

Welcome to the Undergraduate Education web site!   I’m glad you’re a part of ETSU—a place where all of us—faculty, staff and students—come to learn.   Before ETSU’s faculty and staff became educators, we were learners, just like you—and we still are.   We’re glad you’ve joined us in the quest for learning.   Please take advantage of all the ways you can learn in college—from books, from relationships, from experience.   The ability to learn from everything and everyone is truly the mark of an educated person and a noble soul.

Hang in there!   Learning is fun, but it’s also hard work.   Only about 1 in 2 college students in the U.S. complete their degrees.   It’s not because they can’t do the work, but because they get distracted or discouraged and never finish.   Be persistent!   As the old hymn, the rallying song of the civil rights movement, says, “Keep your eyes on the prize!   Hold on!”

Dr. William G. Kirkwood
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

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