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Undergraduate Education

East Tennessee State University

General Education Renewal

General Education Renewal at East Tennessee State University


The success of East Tennessee State University’s undergraduate students and the university itself depends on the quality of our general education program.  General education is a third of an undergraduate student’s degree program and addresses aims central to higher education.  If we want prospective students to begin their college careers at ETSU instead of “getting general education out of the way” somewhere else, we must give them good reasons for doing so.  The freshman year consists almost entirely of general education courses.  When students decide whether to return to ETSU for the sophomore year, their decisions are informed by their experience in these courses.  Conducting a general education renewal process is a major undertaking, but no project is more important. 


To offer all ETSU students taking general education courses an engaging, appropriately challenging, rewarding and relevant educational experience, regardless of which courses they take or who teaches them.


The GRC will begin its work in fall 2018.  We anticipate implementation of approved recommendations by fall 2021, but a firm implementation date remains to be determined.  The university may act on some recommendations prior to completion of the renewal process.

 General Education Renewal Plan approved by Academic Council, April 12, 2018.

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